PointBender - So Fell The Orbit (Harmonious Discord)

As fall calms the nerves and prepares the hibernating music hoarders for a long cold spell of earphone engagement, Harmonious Discord gears up for its most promising winter to date. The first in this series comes to us from label founder and analog synthesizer addict Sean Anderson aka PointBender. Following the recent success with releases on Thoughtless and Blaq this space techno magician offers up a sharp dose of melody driven tech-house. Peppered with a cast of innovative techno savants, the “So Fell The Orbit" single offers a tale of space travel with stylish re-works by Noah Pred, KiloWatts, Symbio, and Vital.

The original “So Fell The Orbit” is a tom driven big-room invitation to orbit with thick, cascading syncopated elements filling up the spectral field. The introduction of a pad progression and various assortments of effects propel this song into full blown musical composition complete with the introduction of a killer bass-line that permeates the earlobes.

Noah Pred of Thoughtless Music provides a pair of remixes for the EP, giving it some marquee recognition. The Elliptical Dub remix is a dub study adhering to the formula of the original, focused more on refinement of sound and focus rather than re-invention. One thing that can be counted on with any music from Pred is that it will sound big, distinct, and clean. His mix of warped 303 bass lines and clicky minimal noise on this remix is a refined, sophisticated version of the original elements, fine tuned to perfection. The second remix (Gravity Collapse) rearranges the rhythmic elements for something more tribal, while dialing back the bass, allowing the melodic pieces from the previous dub version emerge. The sleepy vibe and relentless beats make this version the most dance floor appropriate on single that reaches far and wide.

Next up is Harmonious Discord favorite KiloWatts. His remix offers a chunky slice of dubstep-influenced sci-fi IDM techno. KiloWatts can work in many styles but seems to be most at home when he is channeling mother ship landings and A.I. takeovers into his music. On this remix, he doesn’t skimp on any of that, creating a total makeover of the original. Out of that re-imagining springs a lasting track that crosses many genres along the way.

530Techno front-man and thought provoking mentalist Symbio is introduced to the label via a stripped techno-roots remix. This Lateral Dub focuses on subversive elements of the original brought to the forefront and driven with tension to a dark industrial-earth resolve.

The package ends with the first ever drum n’ bass contribution to the Harmonious Discord label. Vital (a local Dallas,TX producer) has transformed the original into a vibe-rich, commercially consumable selection that shows the lasting power the song’s elements have when showcased in a genre that’s far from the original.

TJ Norris (Igloo Magazine) - “‘So Fell the Orbit’ is a vibrant original, especially as it breaks down a third of the way through, maintaining its composure as it builds back up into a sensuous froth. The standout mix is by far the inverted Symbio Remix. It’s jumbled up perfectly.”
Tyler Stadius - “Cool tracks and lots of good mixes.”
QuestionmarQ (Red FM, Ireland) - “Wow, what a great EP. The original tips it but each remix offers something slightly different. Absolutly love the Vital Remix, too.”
Pablo Demonio (Klubbers.com) - “I like the deep tech lines of the Symbio Remix.”
Velanche (Urban Landscapes Radio Show) - “I really enjoyed the remixes from Noah Pred and KiloWatts, but the original is a tough one to beat. Love it!”
DJ Nova (Rodon FM, Greece) - “Acidic and tight, Noah Pred’s Elliptical Dub is the weapon here. His Gravity Collapse Mix works more on an underground stage.”
SimonG (Deep South Audio, New Zealand) - “Some very dynamic beats and late night burners that just keep the edge sharp. I’m especially digging the vibe on the Symbio mix.”
Adnan Sharif (PR2 Recordings) - “Great Release. Deep, bright yet dark, and great moving rhythms.”

Available now from Beatport