Ménage à Moi - Prayer / Shake That Bass (3am Devices)

Ménage à Moi’s follow-up release to “The Syrup” takes things tastefully into big room territory as the San Francisco act returns to 3am Devices with two peak hour stompers. “Prayer” will easily find a home in warehouses, big clubs, or any number of Sunday congregations. Primed to burn down the house, “Shake That Bass” lives up to its name with a dark, twisted Berghain vibe. From soulful beats to big bass and back again, Ménage à Moi delivers on this latest single.

Prayer“’s booming bass line and throw-back vocal samples are the epitome of classic big room house, but with a sharp turn for the darker side - something of a Ménage à Moi calling card. The track opens with a synth line evoking the Eurythmics and builds up to a heavenly interlude proclaiming “In my house, there was only God … and in my God, there was only house.” Reminiscent of Faithless, but with the Ménage à Moi touch, ”Prayer“ is a go-to pleaser.

Shake That Bass” can only be the work of a techno arsonist, a heated homage to warehouses past. Deep dark and handsome, the track assaults with big rides, bigger bass, and a timely snare-laden breakdown with a “Bass now!” vocal mantra. Working woofers to the max is what ”Shake That Bass” is all about.

Chris Fortier - “‘Shake That Bass’ works!”
DJ Craig C (Pound Boys) - “I’m diggin’ this heavy s@*t! Love that bass.”
Martin Villeneuve (Hotfingers / Jungle Funk) - “Both are perfect for the after hours … I’ll definitely play this tonight.”
Al Bradley (3am Recordings) - “I’m really feeling the darker grooves on ‘Shake That Bass’ … excellent! A proper ‘heads-down’ vibe.”
Joey Silvero (Distant People) - “Heavy with a capital H. this will smash some systems Very cool.”
DJ MTS (Progress Radio Show, Brazil) - “Wow, power! ‘Shake That Bass’ is huge. Perfect to open a gig.”
Cheets (Global Dance Sessions, UK) - “Great dymanics on these … strong grooves, also!”
[sic] (Balls Deep / mu-sic) - “Two really strong tracks. I’m loving the vibes of both but I think ‘Shake That Bass’ wins for that dirty whomp bass line. Great stuff.”
DJ Danila (Wazzup? Records) - “This sounds nice!”
SimonG (Deep South Audio, New Zealand) - “Sweet bass lines … ‘Shake That Bass’ will be rocking my DJ sets.”
Cherokee (Cherry Global Radio Show, Australia) - “‘Prayer’ is nice and funky!”
Ray Sam (Tone Deep Radio Show, Beirut) - “‘Shake that Bass’ … heavy stuff! This is my kind of music.”

Available now from Beatport and Stompy.