Michael Maricle - The Heart Found You (Invibe Music)

Invibe Music, a Seattle-based label focused on eclectic, genre-defying electronic music, is proud to present the latest album release from prolific northwestern US composer and producer Michael Maricle. Maricle has been involved in many aspects of electronic music production, having toured with west coast jam bands, played with ambient electronic projects from San Francisco to Seattle, and contributed ritual music for the Oracle Gatherings crew. Maricle has even, most interestingly, worked with the Monroe Institute, creating binaural beat music for focus, creativity and learning. Maricle’s music is not all intellectual stuff; his albums have tackled lush downtempo mixed with more dance-floor oriented productions, garnering comparisons to the likes of Bluetech or maybe even The Orb. He has indeed been prolific … Maricle has released nine captivating albums since the year 2000. Now Invibe Music has risen to the task of unveiling Michael Maricle’s tenth album, the evocatively titled The Heart Found You. These are tracks filled with epic melodies and deep rhythms, from the swinging trip hop beats and dubby synths of “Around The Corner" to the shimmering four-on-the-floor of "Earthbound Misfit.” Other highlights include the languid, dreamy introspection of “India (Graffiti True),” the worldly percussion and almost Album Leaf-like textures of “Vena Cava,” and the warm, Eno-esque soundscape of the album’s title track. It’s a masterful work, indicative of a talent who has been long in the game but is far from lacking inspiration or groove. Michael Maricle’s The Heart Found You will fascinate and mesmerize, whether in the festival chill out set, lounge after-hours party, or the intimate back-to-mine affair. Take hold and dig in to The Heart Found You.

Nick Warren - “Wonderful music. Very cool, indeed.”
Tomas Palermo (ForwardEver, Voltage Music) - “Great textural work, a nice antidote to all the harder, banging electronic out there right now. These tracks are very centered and mediative.”
Tony D’Onghia (Radio Koper-Capodistria, Italy) - “I wish there was more music like this around. Gorgeous!”
DJ Nova (Rodon FM, Greece) - “An eclectic long player with all styles of downtempo music represented here perfectly.”
Brewster Brigham (Kiss FM, Australia) - “Dreamy and dubby … what more can you ask for?”
Clairvo (Tilos Radio 90.3 FM, Hungary) - “Big Sunday afternoon tracks! Cosy soundscapes! Cool release …”
Bobi (Global Movement, Macedonia) - “It’s a magical sound … quality downtempo.”
Dennis Lowrey (RAW Artists, Selekta) - “Absolutely lovely! Great rolling effects and spacey feel … I find myself floating away.”
Iron Horse (Pawn Shop Records) - “Crafty and committed. I like the vision and execution of this very interesting album.”
Maxim Ryzhkov (Free Ends Radio Show, Moscow) - “Awesome music. Sounds very soft and lovely. I am in love!”

Available now from Juno Download and Beatport.