Not So Fast Records Fall Sampler

Not So Fast Records is a San Francisco house music label founded in 2006 by DK Watts (Short Bus Kids) and DJ Naz Vartianian, meant as a sub-label of Bounce House Recordings. Releases from the likes of Giano, Short Bus Kids, P-rez, and Bon Johnson established the label in the bay area house community. After some moving and shuffling the renewed NSF Records is now under the helm of Fresno-based DJ/producer P-rez. The imprint is promptly revved up, reintroducing itself with this sampler highlighting a quartet of artists who will play a part in the label’s funky future.

Dropzilla is Richard DeSoto, a Spaniard settled in the bay era who found a profound influence in full moon parties and the sounds that characterized the DJ sets of the renowned Wicked crew. His booming contribution to the sampler is “Longhair,” a hypnotic floor-shaker driven by bouncy rhythms and a potent, non-stop bass line. Periodic snatches of melody, vocal phrases, and fleeting SFX drops help make this a bit of a trippy offering for the nightclub.

Label main-man P-rez (Steve Perez to those who know him) leaps forward with “Tunnel Vision,” an effective slice of peak time funk for the house music boogie zone. With remixes and releases on Blunted Funk, Le Poop Music, and Voluptuous Recordings P-rez is no stranger to the more jackin’ side of the SF sound. “Tunnel Vision” thrills with huge rhythmic stabs, tough beats, and a vocal sample that aims to ignite dance floors.

DJ Naz is a longtime fixture of San Francisco’s house music scene, and was part owner of In House Records, a beloved and much-missed shop that satisfied many of the city’s vinyl addicts. He’s recorded with Tarantic Records and Evasive Music and now busts out with the chuggy warehouse mover “Sad Days.” It’s a tracky affair, with bursts of effects and percussion over a grumbling, insistent low end. Filtered drum loops and flanged out break sections only add to the track’s after hours power.

Johnny Blackouts is yet another alias of veteran Austin, TX scenester Adam Warped. He’s collaborated with P-rez via his own Whiskey Pickle imprint and is known for DJ sets that brave the rave with left turns and eclectic selections. This comes through in “Down The Hatch,” a moody, funk workout that takes in elements of breakbeat, acid house, latin percussion, and, most of all, wonky psychedelia. This one is sure to grab the attention of anyone close to the speakers.

Available now from Stompy