Rubber Lips - Rubberlips Remixes EP (Panama Red Records)

On its last release, Panama Red Records introduced the creative musical collective Rubberlips, based around the multi-talented trumpet player Robert Burbidge. Hailing from West Yorkshire in the North of England, Robert and his merry group of musicians and singers presented the Port Douglas EP which won much acclaim for its varied sounds, ranging from gentle vocal deep house to jazzier offerings recalling the likes of Zero7 and Fila Brazillia. The EP was very much well-received, with a few DJs not only asking for remixed versions of the tracks but also offering themselves up as remixers. Thus, for its follow-up release, Panama Red and Rubberlips are proud to present the Rubberlips Remixes EP.

A diverse, floor-moving sextet of remixes is lead by Italian producer Alessio Arcangeli (Disclosure Project, Kindred Recordings) and his lush, deep house rework of “Dughouse.” It’s got prominent disco touches to the rhythm and bouncy bass line, but with a a slick, electronic sheen that recalls some of the deeper Plastic City releases. Next up is a twisted, jackin’ rendition of “Persuasion" from Chicago’s DJ Frique, returning to Panama Red after his remix of Billy The Kid’s “Cantin Flora.” On his club igniting Dub version, Frique takes the dreamy vocals of Jess Smethurst and cuts them up with occasional bursts of wild effects and dramatic processing. A definite after-hours warehouse vibe spills out of the dub, while Frique’s full vocal mix gives the tune a more old-school house treatment. French DJ/producer Azaxx (Tru Thoughts, Mobil-Home) follows with a deep, jazzy version of “Rubber Trumpet" which brings the instrument of the song’s title to the forefront. A reverb soaked trumpet solos throughout over swirling chords and a Chicago-ish house shuffle. This is definitely one for the deepest of house heads. Panama Red’s grand poobah Antonio Caballero next provides a percussive four-on-the-floor revision of “Time To Get It Right.” Its funk bass line, warm pads, insistent rhythm, and strange spoken samples make for an evocative house music concoction. Finally, southern US producer T-Quez (Midwest Hustle, Soul Shift Music) presents her Elastic Mix of “Rubber Trumpet.” It’s an effective Detroit-via-UK techno inspired mix filled with lush pads, a pounding low end, and an irresistible, bouncy melody. With these six varied mixes and such quality source material from Rubberlips, there is most certainly something in this package for everyone.