Ooze - Message For You (Sudup Recordings)

8DPromo is pleased to welcome London’s Sudup Recordings to our promotions family as they present their fifteenth outing of intriguing deep house music. This single features the Sudup debut of Nans “Ooze” Teillard, a DJ/producer based in Toulouse, France. His “Message for You" is a slow, hypnotic roller with low slung bass and intricate beats giving it an almost techno-like groove. Clocking in at 114 BPMs, it’s the type of chunky, mid-tempo house that slinkier DJs should be clamoring for. The first remixes comes courtesy of London’s Tom Lown who has done huge work for the likes of Lost My Dog, 3am, Warmth, and Kapa Music in addition to his repeated offerings on Sudup. He delivers a sweet reinterpretation in his trademark deep style, tweaking the original and increasing the funk, providing his best remix on the label to date. The single’s third track is a remix by Sudup label co-owner Dom Ahtuam, under his Dlay moniker. Dom’s remix picks up the tempo ever so slightly, with a different bass line sitting alongside deep melodies and Detroit-influenced pads. This one is unmistakably aimed towards the late night dance floor.