Sr. Mandril - Sr. Mandril Remixed (Three Sixty Tunes)

Sr. Mandril have a goal: merge electro elements with thoroughly live guitar, bass, keys and percussion. The payoff: a crossbreed of acid jazz, ambient, lounge, trip hop and house with latin rhythm and flair. This is the sound of Mexico right now.” - Festival International de Jazz de Montreal

Sr. Mandril was born in 2000 when Germán González and Ramsés Ramírez decided to merge their musical ideas. The resulting sound was electronic undertones mixed with organic instruments creating a sonic image of colors, sounds and influences that go from Dance to acid jazz and ambient all with that Latin feel. Sr. Mandril spend a lot of time on the road playing live at various festivals and venues around South America. This release from the Three Sixty Tunes, the new dancefloor division of Three Sixty Records, showcases a diverse set of remixes of tracks from this exciting Latin American electronic act.

San Francisco’s DJ Darkhorse (AKA Three Sixty label don Graham Shrimpton), who is a long-time veteran in the bay area’s eclectic music scene, provides a trio of remixes and edits here. Horns, horns, and horns, Latin house, and driving percussive funk make up the main part of Darkhorse’s edit of “Menu Funk" and the club ready remix of "80’s.” Darkhorse also provides an epic downtempo remix of “Lover" with rolling low end and lush strings cushioning the voice of Sr Mandril’s singer Isabelle. It’s a definite treat for chill out rooms and late night airplay. The Flux remix of “Lover" takes the song into some seriously jazzy drum n’ bass territory with a massive bassline and pianos complementing the amazing vocals of Isabelle.

Available now from Beatport and iTunes