Telepath - The Remixes (Telepath Music)

Music is a collective language. It can bring a sense of community among strangers, regardless of language, nationality, or beliefs. It can provide the listener an environment for creative thought and unrestrained emotion. It can manifest the beauty of people and cultures who may be thousands of miles apart. The music of Telepath strives to do all of this. Formed in 2006 and hailing from Philadelphia PA via Asheville NC, Telepath is a unique new expression in the current live and electronic music scenes. The 3-piece comprised of Michael Christie (keyboards), Curt Heiny (bass) and Mike B (drums) use a wide variety of self-created samples containing Indian and Arabic singers and musicians, Afrobeat-influenced horn lines, dubbed-out effects, and much more to generate the multi-layered sound that is Telepath. With the recent release of their third album The Remixes and their fourth album to be released in the fall of 2010 Telepath continues the development of a loyal and ever-growing fan base, as well as their commitment to creating a positive and inspiring environment both on record, and in live performance.

Telepath’s 16 track The Remixes album collects re-workings of tracks from Telepath’s two albums by other artists and Telepath themselves. In addition, there’s a bonus Telepath remix of a track from electronic music group Sound Tribe Sector 9. The highlights of this album include:

The Chaotic”: Michael Christie’s remix of “Chaos Theory” from 2008’s Contact combines the original track’s Indian elements (sarangi, snake charmer) with a funky breakbeat groove & soul-inspired guitar & organ riffs. 
Peaceblaster ’68 [STS9] (Telepath Remix)”: Michael’s reworking of the title track from live-electronic pioneers Sound Tribe Sector 9’s 2009 album. Another breaks-style track, this one takes a line from the original song’s ambient outro and turns it into the main hook.
Globalized”: Contact’s “Global Rights” slowed way down into a hard-hitting yet spacey groove that features a new trumpet lead by Todd Fulginiti.
Another Hero”: One of two reworkings of 2006’s “Invisible Hero” found on the remix album, this one is a swinging midtempo groover and a crowd favorite at Telepath’s live shows.
Subterfuge (Telepath vs. Mingle Remix)”: A collaboration between Michael and Asheville, NC breaks artist Isaac Gottfried (a.k.a. Mingle) this track takes reggaeton-meets-the-Middle-East vibe of the original track, and turns it into a celebration of 1970’s jazz-funk-fusion music. 
Alive Again”: A remix of “Alive Now” from the Contact album that takes the horn line from the original and places it into an Afro-beat/funk setting. Also featured is an Arabic-inspired violin solo by Melissa Dunphy.

We hope you enjoy the exotic, world music inspired downtempo and breakbeat sounds of Telepath!

Kid Loco - “Great music and really groovy.” 
Joshua Heath (Golden State Recordings) - “This whole release fits right in with my Kruder & Dorfmeister and Thievery Corp records. And being a bassist, I really dig the live instrument - electronic production combo.” 
All Good Funk Alliance - “Subterfuge (Telepath vs. Mingle Remix) really kills it on this. I love the dubby breaky vibe. It’s a cool Ninja Tune-style track. Mos def will get some play!” 
Dj Nova (Rodon FM, Greece) - “Global funktastic beats, cinematic dub drops, Indian-inspired grooves, and after midnight chilled breaks over samples and piano strings … this shines like gold.” 
Riccicomoto (Ibiza Global Radio) - “Great sounds and production on all of them! This is reminiscent of some funky soundtracks from the sixties and seventies.” 
CheckPoint Charlie (MyCuppaT Blog) - “Beautiful earthy vibes and some incredible funky tracks in this sampler. The snake chalmer melody on The Chaotic is so cool! Peaceblaster ’68 has a lovely, laid back tone with an outrageously funky guitar melody. Globalized goes deep on a reggae tip… a perfect chill tune. Subterfuge and Alive Again… wow, just simply wow! Would love to see these guys live, and will definitely be picking up the album. It’s going to be one of the weapons in my summer armory!

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