Hawke - Monday Comes And Goes Remixes (Eighth Dimension Records)

Hawke, the song-crafting nome-de-plume of producer/DJ Gavin Hardkiss, presents this steadfastly exuberant single filled with re-works of “Monday Comes And Goes,” the signature track from his fourth artist album +++. The upbeat “Monday Comes And Goes” is a defiant stand against the Monday morning condition and a theme for those facing the workday when they’ve just been deliriously dancing all weekend. The remix team, handpicked by Gavin and consisting of Anthony MansfieldJota WagnerCraig Williams, and The Sexicanz, all confidently fly the flag of the song’s playfulness and message.

Anthony Mansfield is having a banner year with sought after releases on his own Hector Works label, DJ-acclaimed collaborations with crime partner Nick Chacona, and recent top notch remixes for The Phenomenal Handclap Band, Sleazy McQueen, and Hot Toddy. Here Mansfield musically stays close to the original “Monday Comes And Goes” and adds a bit of effective dancefloor pump and magic. The feeling of the track shines through in spades, sure to plant a grin on anyone within range of its broadcast.

Brazil’s Jota Wagner, founder of Lunatic Jazz and rising house music producer on the world stage, was an early supporter of the +++ album and “Monday Comes And Goes.” Inspired, Wagner set out to create his own club remixes of the track surprising Gavin with them only after the fact. Gavin was so enamored with this dubby, percussive house music treatment that he in turn added his own elements and bits. The result is a beautiful, collaborative remix with serious late night appeal.

The Sexicanz is led by the enigmatic Dmitri from San Francisco and have a history of singles on Robsoul, Deepfunk, and their own C.O.A. label. With theirAnalog In The Fog Remix, The Sexicanz twist and turn “Monday Comes And Goes” into an extended battle of music machinery, blending house, dub, and techno in a Basic Channel inspired fashion. As an elongated mixing tool or a strobe-lit centerpiece of a DJ set this moody version will find its home.

In an effort to reach into different pockets and extend the collaborative spirit of +++ Gavin worked with remixin.com to hold a remix contest for “Monday Comes And Goes.” Out of an impressive number of quality entries Los Angeles via Australia DJ/Producer and Bombeatz artist Craig Williams hit the mark on what Gavin was looking for. Williams’ Last Minute Jump Around Remix ruthlessly drags the tune into the clubs with its syncopated synth stabs and rhythmic sampling of the vocal hook. Gavin’s tune goes big room in a big way with this winning interpretation doing the trick.

Continuing the collaborative spirit the fantastic artwork for this single was also delivered by contest, this time with the assistance of Creative Allies (creativeallies.com). Chicago graphic artist and house music producer Bai-ee created the winning entry beautifully illustrating the whimsical nature of this project and Gavin’s artistic point of view.

Available now from Juno Download