Hamza feat. Majaamaine - Dharma Voyager (Wind Horse Records)

"I will rise. No one can stop me." These are the words of Majaamaine as spoken in Hamza's latest track on Wind Horse Records, titled “Dharma Voyager.” The vocalist is an unusual and inspiring one. Majaamaine suffers from muscular dystrophy since childhood and every day he battles for his life. His defiance in the face of this monumental obstacle comes in the form of artistic pursuits: Majaamaine spends his time creating poetry, spoken vocal compositions, and paintings, all using his main and only weapon, his mouth.

New Delhi-based DJ and music producer Hamza was introduced to Majaamaine by a friend who met Majaamaine’s brother on a Buddhist retreat. A recording of Majaamaine’s poetry in his own voice was passed on to Hamza who found the sound moving and the message powerful. He was inspired to create a musical accompaniment which has become “Dharma Voyager.”

Hamza’s goal was to create a track that would reflect his passion for Majaamaine’s message through a celebratory dance track filled with class and depth. Majaamaine’s vocals are spoken with the assistance of a machine so his words are not clear. Thus the challenge would be to convey the feeling and purpose of the message not only through the words but in Hamza’s musical contribution as well.

Hamza’s trademark elements are all present in this emotive house music track: uplifting melodies, sparkling production, warm bass lines, and well-placed breakdowns. At one point the staccato keys ring over Majaamaine’s echoed voice. He says “I can rise” and the music deftly responds with an exhilarating crescendo in pitch and energy, but not in a way that’s ‘over the top.’ Even if the words are lost on the dance floor a rousing feeling of celebration is there, resulting in quite an inspiring house track.

Newly signed Wind Horse artist Vipul Angirish contributes his own remix of “Dharma Voyager,” concentrating more on tight, deep rhythms while still retaining the uplifting vibe. The backbone of Vipul’s mix is a funky swing complimented with filtered synths and rising strings. A repetitious bell tone sounds like a calm alarm over Majaamaine’s words, further drawing the listener into this evocative version. In addition, there is an ‘acapella’ of Majaamaine’s vocal in this package so his message can be further examined and used by DJs in their own mixes.

Says Hamza, “What inspires me most is that despite his suffering, Majaamaine is so so positive and wants to spread love and positive energy to the world in whatever way he can. No money or material success can match this power. This is Majaamaine’s power that we want to spread across the world with this EP.” Hamza and Majaamaine's “Dharma Voyager" is the fantastic means by which Wind Horse Records transmits this house music message. Enjoy.

Joshua Heath (Salted Music) - “There’s some big bass in the original that surprised me when it dropped, in a very good way. The Vipul mix is dope, keeps a chuggin’ bassline with the squirelly synths.” 
Hans Tavera (Afterhours Radio, Peru) - “The original is has excellent melody while Vipul Angirish edges it with a bomb remix … super dooper groovy!” 
Jamie Topham (CDPool, UK) - “Hamza’s establishing himself well in this game and this is another fine slice of global house music.” 
Checkpoint Charlie (MyCuppaT Blog) - “An incredible message from an inspirational artist. feel proud to be able to play these tracks. ‘Dharma Voyager’ itself is an awesomely deep, lush deep house track with a twist of something a little naughty. When the synth and staccato stabs take over it really builds beautifully. Then the Vipul Angirish mix; superb production that again makes the most of the swirling synth and punchy keys to rise and rise. A brilliant tune with a beautiful message from Majaamaine.

Additional support from Laurent GarnierShur-i-kanDave MothersoleInland KnightsPete MossIbiza Global RadioChris Udoh, and D. Ramirez.

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