BiGz & Malkov Feat. Below Bangkok - Eastern Lights (Wind Horse Records)

Wind Horse Records is ecstatic to present its latest release, this time from veteran Canadian DJ/producer Adel Ghandour AKA BiGz (and formerly known as BiG AL) in collaboration with Russian DJ/producer Malkov AKA Spring Reason and Croatia’s Amir Jashari AKA Below Bangkok.

The exciting triad join forces and frequencies to land their new single “Eastern Lights,” featuring remixes from Wind Horses’s founder Hamza, Morocco's Kali G, and Sri Lanka's Asvajit.

This release is a representative vision of the global influence and fabric that bind the tapestry of music released on Wind Horse Records. “Eastern Lights” is a gorgeously crafted deep dub-tech groover that could inspire visions of hypnotic space and the introspection of time. Unhurried and unabashedly laid-back, the track is characterized by a lush, enveloping pad to entrance the listener straight away. This is complimented by simple yet effective drums and percussion, mirroring the group’s minimal affinities. A subtle and round bass line helps make this a perfect weapon for the early hours and the after-hours. “Eastern Lights” can be described as an aural trip through the cosmos interpreted the trio.

On remix duties, Hamza renders his own interpretation of “Eastern Lights” with an alluring, ethnic-flavored remix that leans toward the mystical. It’s dance-floor friendly but retains a hypnotic influence and Eastern soul. Hamza's unique individuality and sense for harmony are recognizable. An apt vocal sample is layered effortlessly over the vibe and shows itself fleetingly, adding to the lure of the remix.

Sri Lankan producer Asvajit lends his expertise to conjure a refreshing rerub of “Eastern Lights”. Staying true to the original, the remix is driving and easy-going at the same time. There’s a minimal-dub touch to it, interspersed with well-tuned atmospherics and transitions, complimented by Asvajit's innate ability to craft dance-floor weapons time after time.

Not to be left out, Kali G steps up with his version of “Eastern Lights” which is stripped-down and peppered with piano stabs, vocal snippets, and tropical rhythms. Relentless and addictive, this tune is tailor-made for those high-octane dance-floor moments. A slight departure from his more melodic works, Kali's remake of “Eastern Lights” showcases the incredible versatility and understanding of the dance-floor that he brings to the table with every single track that he works on.

Lorenzo al Dino (7th District Inc.) – “All 4 mixes are well done.”
Pathaan (Globetronica / BBC) – “Full marks for the whole package! Love it.”
SimonG (Volcano Radio) “Quality Sounds across the board. Always a pleasure having these in the DJ and Radio sets.”
DJ Firefly (Couch Dancing) – “Deep & Seductive! All of these mixes are great.”
Peter Evans (Viva Recordings) – “Lovely deep, atmospheric groove on this one.”
Dean Serafini (Frisky Rhythms) – “The original mix is the one that works best for me. Excellent deep, atmospheric vibes!”
Salvatore Logicfusion (Deepinradio) – “Great vibes. Already playing on Deepinradio.”
Aryan Sharma (Dimension Radio) – “Great pack from the Windhorse stables. Really loving Hamza's remix and Asvajit's remix.”
Steve Perez / DJ P-REZ (Not So Fast Records) – “I like how each track is perfect for all hours of the night … or day!”
Steve 'Griffo' Griffiths (Freak Da Funk Radio Show) – “My fave is the Asvajit Remix, a deep and techy rework that brings to mind some of doc martin's work in years gone by.”

Available Now From: Beatport, Traxsource, iTunes, And Spotify.

Zone+ & Usif - Laya (Wind Horse Records)

Helmed by Hamza, New Delhi’s Wind Horse Records returns with “Laya,” a collaboration between Zone+ & Usif from Bahrain (the biggest House Music export from the Middle East). Following separate releases on Day I Dream, Underyourskin Records, and Sol Selectas, Zone+ & Usif collaborated on releases for Akumandra/Underyourskin and Talavera Records before collaborating on “Laya”

Laya” is another in the impressive Wind Horse roster seamlessly melding house music rhythms, traditional instrumentation from Indian and other world music in superlative production standards. The title track is a meandering jaunt through lush soundscapes, deep grooves, percussive and hypnotic house. Haunting flute, keys, and pads weave contemplative strains throughout. “Aria” is a slappy late-night affair with driving bass sounding sonar depths and building slowly with unexpected vocals and polyrhythmic treatments, mounting new surprise midway through the nearly 10-minute opus. Give “Laya” a spin, and be prepared for transport to a globe-spanning ride suited to dancefloors everywhere.

Kenny Substance (Redflux) – “Two nicely done originals.”
Nick Warren (The Soundgarden) – “Both tracks are really cool.”
Fer Ferrari (Deepclass Records) – “Aria is the one for me. Nice.”
Chang (Chang Bang) – “Laya is smokin’. I love the mystical vibe and flute.”
Bob Duskis (Six Degrees Records) – “Love both tracks but ‘Aria’ is particularly beautiful.”
Aryan Sharma (Dimension Radio) – “I really like how ‘Laya’ flows.”
Ejaz Ahamed (Global Mission / Proton Radio) – “These guys are on fire lately. Great EP.”
SimonG / Deep South Audio (Volcano Radio) – “Both tunes are ripe for my deep house sets … Lovely.”
Al Bradley (3am Recordings) – “Really strong, warm vibes here. Aria stood out on the initial listen, but both have real quality running through them.”
Black Alley (In Control Radio Show) – “Beautiful soundscapes take you on a journey through the Middle East and Asia. Cool stuff!”

Available Now From: Beatport, Traxsource, iTunes, And Spotify.

Various Artists - Wind Horse Sampler 5 (Wind Horse Records)

India's Wind Horse Records has unveiled its latest artist compilation focusing on the emerging talent that orbits around the label's sphere. Internationally recognized as a tastemaker of sophisticated deep house styles, often with an exotic worldly twist, Wind Horse and its samplers are often looked to for the discovery of exciting new producers by DJs and punters alike. This latest collection will be no exception as eleven high quality tracks are presented, showcasing the dynamic, well-produced electronic sound that this ambitious label excels at.

Contributions from familiar names from previous Wind Horse releases – such as Soulspace, Vinayak^A, Stalvart John, JFunc, Hamza, and 5volts – confidently sit alongside tracks by newer additions to the roster. Jay Pei, Leon Russell, Doktor Daniel, EJAZ, Subandrio, and Tatsama all give shimmering contributions that provide their introductions to followers of the label.

The swirling deep house of Jay Pei's "Michigan" and Tatsama's "June Bug" accompany techier entries like 5Volts' expansive "Cemani" and EJAZ & Subandrio's "Before the Storm", showing the breadth of the sampler. New tracks by recurring Wind Horse artists – such as Hamza's spacey and thumping "Indigo Activation" and Stalwart John's hypnotic "It's Just A Matter Of Time" – join gems from the catalog that may have been overlooked. Vinayak^A's "Pleading To Be Forgiven" and the ROH remix of Soulspace's "C'est La Vie" are two past Wind Horse highlights that certainly deserve a second listen. Glasgow's JFunc appears as one of the only non-Indian producers on the compilation with the lush and flowing "Ek Sien n' Ses". Doktor Daniel's funky "Prime" and Leon Russell's tough "Reform" round out the sampler … two more cool cuts from seasoned Indian DJs, now ready to infiltrate the world.

With five samplers now under its belt and a wealth of promising music-makers within its family, Wind Horse Records continues the path of being a consistent source of deep house discoveries. Stay tuned to this refreshing New Delhi-based imprint to hear the sonic treasures it has yet to uncover.

Nick Holder - "Dope!"
Sumsuch (Colour and Pitch / Mega Jawns) - "A smooth-as-silk selection from a brilliant label. Lovely!"
Aki Bergen & Richter (Neurotraxx Recordings) - "Nice one."
Denite (Diynamic / Get Physical) - "5volts' 'Cemani' is the one for me."
Marques Wyatt - "Solid!"
Sean Danke (Affin / Dialtone) - "The JFunc track sounds phat. Nice compilation."
Ivan Garci (Vlosfer Records / Deepwit) - "Great tracks here … I love it."
DJ Harri (Sub Club) - "Lots to like here … full support."
Tom Lown (Lucky Sun Recordings) - "A brilliant compilation with some cool tracks … my favorite is 'Ek Sien n'Ses' by JFunc. I love the way it builds … solid, deep, and driving stuff."
Tyler Stadius (Deepsite / Dialtone Records) - "Excellent release, as expected. There are a couple here I'll play out soon."
Simon Kirk (Stag Beetle Radio Show) - "Rarely if ever does something this good come in such quantity … truly extraordinary sonic talent. An amazing release once again from this unique label."
Ornette (Radial Blur Radio Show) - "All sorts of awesome all over this sampler. Wind Horse Records is very consistently good!"
Sean-Michael Yoder (Ibiza Voice) - "These Wind Horse samplers are always pure quality."
Matthias Kirsch (JazzRadio 106.8 FM, Berlin) - "Exhilarating, uplifting deep house with twists and turns. Pure delight."
Mark Mac (The Sounds Collective) - "Wow … Wind Horse hits a home run. Spot on vibes … brilliantly deep."

Available now from Beatport, Traxsource, and iTunes.

Hamza - Thar (Wind Horse Records)

Wind Horse Records returns to the roots of the label with Hamza's worldly new single "Thar". Since founding Wind Horse over six years ago Hamza has released a number of expressive singles for his growing imprint, as well as on the likes of Colour and Pitch, Freizeitglauben Berlin, Grouper, and Savoir Faire Musique. The foundation of Hamza's 'modus operandi' has been the combination of western and eastern sounds, resulting in a timeless melding of deep house with global instrumentation such as those found in his native India. The two originals on this single certainly display this aesthetic, creating dance floor moments with a distinctive amount of depth.

"Thar" is named after a desert in the Rajasthan state of India, known as a place inhabited by gypsies. These same gypsies travelled south to Spain and influenced the flamenco sound, as referenced in the track. Hamza has been playing with Rajasthani gypsy musicians for many years, and "Thar" stands as a shining example of the fusion of their traditional sounds with deep house. Touching on a different spot in the world, the b-side track "Afro Turk" is inspired by Turkey and Hamza's travels to Istanbul. The rhythm maintains an African influence which inspires the title. Exotic instrumentation and intriguing environmental sounds melt over the layers of percussion and low, growling bass line. The gorgeous extended breakdown could soundtrack a leisurely stroll through the famous Grand Bazaar.

The second half of the single presents a trio of fantastic remixes of "Thar" by members of the extended Wind Horse family. Miami's Juan Mejia (Dutchie Music) is first, delivering a cool and bouncy rendition that balances the dramatic strums with gentle piano notes, all underpinned by some serious house beats. The New Delhi-based Oma is next, adding a touch of darkness to the proceedings. A pulsing low end and a clicky rhythm track propel the track's vision as the dream-like sonic space is wrapped in the more exotic textures from the original. Stalvart John, a DJ / producer from Bangalore, closes out the single with a sparse, dubbier treatment of "Thar." Anchored by a crisp four-on-the-floor, this remix is a heady journey, taking the listener to quite a few different places within its hypnotic seven and a half minutes.

Nick Warren - "I love Hamza's original tracks."
Ben Mono (Undertones Gang / Plant Music) - "Huge release."
Marques Wyatt - "I'm digging this."
Benji Candelario - "'Thar' is a funky tune."
Al Bradley (3am Recordings) - "More excellent vibes from Hamza. I'm particularly digging 'Afro Turk' … I love the percussion and the flow. Remix-wise, Stalvart John turns in a cracker, but the whole EP is great overall."
Alvaro Hylander (DeepWit) - "Pretty cool original mixes here, and I also like Juan Mejia's more straight forward version."
Dutchican Soul (Strictly Rhythm / Salted Music) - "Cool tracks and remixes!"
Scheibosan (Shanti Roots / FM4) - "Great tracks … I will play them for sure."
Matt Prehn (Oh So Coy / Large Music) - "I love the percussion on 'Afro Turk' … this'll sizzle at sunset!"
Simon Kirk (Stag Beetle Radio Show) - "I'm a big fan of the exotic eastern sound and here it's done with such a cool, deep twist. The Oma mix just drives and drives with that bass line … fantastic."
Adam Warped (Whiskey Pickle / Strange Days) - "'Thar' is really something special and will definitely be getting a lot of play from me for quite some time."
DJ Di Costa (MoodyLushious Influences) - "Quality release once again on Wind Horse Records. Hamza offers two excellent and truly intriguing mysterious tales. My top pick though is Juan Mejia's remix on 'Thar' … he really managed to enrich the beauty of the track in a whole new level."
Jon Manley (hOUSEwORX) - "Wow, this is superb stuff from Hamza. That breakdown on 'Afro Turk' is stunning. Top marks."
Joshua Jacobs (Music You Need) - "With Middle-Eastern and Asian influences galore, this release makes you feel like you're in the middle of the desert. Groovy, eclectic, and soulful all at once."
DJ Naz (Buddha Bar) - "This release just reminded me why I love this label so much. A return to the melodic warm sound. All the tracks are totally playable and have enough beautiful elements, nice bass lines, strings, and they progress very nicely. Absolutely great!"

Available now from Beatport, Traxsource, and iTunes.