BiGz & Malkov Feat. Below Bangkok - Eastern Lights (Wind Horse Records)

Wind Horse Records is ecstatic to present its latest release, this time from veteran Canadian DJ/producer Adel Ghandour AKA BiGz (and formerly known as BiG AL) in collaboration with Russian DJ/producer Malkov AKA Spring Reason and Croatia’s Amir Jashari AKA Below Bangkok.

The exciting triad join forces and frequencies to land their new single “Eastern Lights,” featuring remixes from Wind Horses’s founder Hamza, Morocco's Kali G, and Sri Lanka's Asvajit.

This release is a representative vision of the global influence and fabric that bind the tapestry of music released on Wind Horse Records. “Eastern Lights” is a gorgeously crafted deep dub-tech groover that could inspire visions of hypnotic space and the introspection of time. Unhurried and unabashedly laid-back, the track is characterized by a lush, enveloping pad to entrance the listener straight away. This is complimented by simple yet effective drums and percussion, mirroring the group’s minimal affinities. A subtle and round bass line helps make this a perfect weapon for the early hours and the after-hours. “Eastern Lights” can be described as an aural trip through the cosmos interpreted the trio.

On remix duties, Hamza renders his own interpretation of “Eastern Lights” with an alluring, ethnic-flavored remix that leans toward the mystical. It’s dance-floor friendly but retains a hypnotic influence and Eastern soul. Hamza's unique individuality and sense for harmony are recognizable. An apt vocal sample is layered effortlessly over the vibe and shows itself fleetingly, adding to the lure of the remix.

Sri Lankan producer Asvajit lends his expertise to conjure a refreshing rerub of “Eastern Lights”. Staying true to the original, the remix is driving and easy-going at the same time. There’s a minimal-dub touch to it, interspersed with well-tuned atmospherics and transitions, complimented by Asvajit's innate ability to craft dance-floor weapons time after time.

Not to be left out, Kali G steps up with his version of “Eastern Lights” which is stripped-down and peppered with piano stabs, vocal snippets, and tropical rhythms. Relentless and addictive, this tune is tailor-made for those high-octane dance-floor moments. A slight departure from his more melodic works, Kali's remake of “Eastern Lights” showcases the incredible versatility and understanding of the dance-floor that he brings to the table with every single track that he works on.

Lorenzo al Dino (7th District Inc.) – “All 4 mixes are well done.”
Pathaan (Globetronica / BBC) – “Full marks for the whole package! Love it.”
SimonG (Volcano Radio) “Quality Sounds across the board. Always a pleasure having these in the DJ and Radio sets.”
DJ Firefly (Couch Dancing) – “Deep & Seductive! All of these mixes are great.”
Peter Evans (Viva Recordings) – “Lovely deep, atmospheric groove on this one.”
Dean Serafini (Frisky Rhythms) – “The original mix is the one that works best for me. Excellent deep, atmospheric vibes!”
Salvatore Logicfusion (Deepinradio) – “Great vibes. Already playing on Deepinradio.”
Aryan Sharma (Dimension Radio) – “Great pack from the Windhorse stables. Really loving Hamza's remix and Asvajit's remix.”
Steve Perez / DJ P-REZ (Not So Fast Records) – “I like how each track is perfect for all hours of the night … or day!”
Steve 'Griffo' Griffiths (Freak Da Funk Radio Show) – “My fave is the Asvajit Remix, a deep and techy rework that brings to mind some of doc martin's work in years gone by.”

Available Now From: Beatport, Traxsource, iTunes, And Spotify.