UNA - The Laughing Man Remix (Cool Jewel Records)

UNA is a Los Angeles-based trio composed of Jennifer Nice (voice), Richard Larsen (keys), and Eddie Barajas (turntables). An eclectic mix of sounds, bits of jazz, funk, soul, electronic, downtempo, and turntables paired with hypnotically sensual vocals makes it an instant favorite. Combined, these three incorporate a wide array of lush instrumentals, lounge music, fusion pop and movie-like sound treatments that take one on a exciting musical roller-coaster ride. The Laughing Man Remix, UNA’s second LP, is the return of this gritty crowd-pleaser with funky beats and awesome vocals, restated by some of the finest remixers on the planet. Treatments from the likes of Charles Webster, John Tejada, Omid 16B, and Heath & Skaggs are found in this album sampler, with additional remixes from Nightmares on Wax, DJ Cam, The Herbaliser, and more found within the full release’s fourteen tracks. UNA is a storytelling outfit that leaves behind the usual forlorn love-sick soliloquy for something more, something grand … and magnificent. Immerse yourself in UNA.

Peter Kruder (Kruder & Dorfmeister / G-Stone) - “Loooove the Charles Webster Remix. Awesome! The other mixes are very good as well. Great package.”
Tensnake - “Some of my millennium heroes are here for the remixes so I’m looking forward to this.”
Graeme Park - I love this.“
Q-Burns Abstract Message - ”Everything here is exceptional, but it’s the Omid 16B version that’s really blowing my mind. Will probably give the Tejada mix club play as well. Nice one!“
Vincent Kwok - ”I love the John Tejada remix of ‘The Astronomer!’“
Giom - ”The Heath and Skaggs remix all the way for me.“
Nick Holder - ”The Charles Webster remix of ‘We Are the Lonely’ is the dopeness!“
DJ Rocca (Ajello / Supersonic Lovers) - ”That Tejada remix is awesome.“
Abicah Soul - ”Nice … the ‘We Are the Lonely’ remix is dope.“
Michael Fossati (Spirit of House) - ”An amazing remix by John Tejada taking ‘The Astronomer’ to the next level with thrilling rhythms and heavenly melodies.“
ed2000 (BLN.FM / Different Drums) - ”This is very cool! An excellent set of different sounding and inspiring tracks … I like it a lot.“
Da Wiseguy (RTE Pulse, Ireland) - ”A dreamy cascade of sound … very cinematic for my head.“
Harry Avers (NOICE!) - ”It’s really tough to choose which one is a favorite because everything here is strong.“
Tony D’Onghia (Radio Koper-Capodistria) - ”A faultless choice of remixers here.“
Alan O’ Malley (Multi Storey Soul on RTE Pulse, Ireland) - ”Wow, what a wicked selection on this. It’s tough to choose a favorite remix … all deliver.“
DJ Pelau (Is The Spice Of Life) - ”With ‘The Astronomer (John Tejada Remix)’ I feel like I’ve been beamed to space without permission … such a nice ‘out of this world’ creation there. But my favorite is Charles Webster’s Lonesome Mix of ‘We Are the Lonely’ … I love everything he touches.“
Mark Reynolds (Fresh 92.7 FM, Australia) - ”My ears have been seduced!”

Available now from iTunes and Bandcamp, and on 12” vinyl from Juno Records.