Various Artists - Impossible EP (Proceed Digital)

Proceed Digital is the offshoot imprint of Italian house music label Proceed Records, established as a place for the label’s artists and producers to stretch out a bit and try some new sounds. If a track doesn’t quite sonically fit on an artist’s EP on Proceed but still has the quality and dance floor appeal that demands to be heard then this is the place for it. Thus Proceed Digital presents the Impossible EP, gathering five tracks from four of Proceed’s shining producers and giving them a proper home on one fantastic house music release.

Proceed’s proprietor, DJ / producer Haldo, who has also released cuts through Transport Recordings, Conya, and Adaptation Music, is represented by two excellent tracks. “Rebus’ Trip” is a deep house gem based around tremolo’ed key pads, a bright synth melody, and a cool saxophone solo in the mid-section. Haldo’s “My Luv” takes a more peak time approach with sharp synth hits, soulful vocal drops, and a pulsing bass line adding up to some late night action. The EP also includes “The Sweet” by Toxó, the solo project of Marco De Angelis, a member of the Surfdisco DJ crew. With its French house influence, soaring vocal bits, filter stabs, and big room appeal “The Sweet” is sure to make it onto many a DJ’s playlist. Fellow Italian Odo Makes A Smile, who should be no stranger to fans of Proceed through his many remixes, busts forth with the appropriately named “Funky Party,” a budding block party stomper that harks back to classic funk with clever samples and solid, floor-shaking beats. Closing out the EP is Fabrizio Marra (Musoul, Liberate) whose provocatively titled “The Bitch” features a rolling bass line over jackin’ beats, combining brilliantly with crisp keys and building pads for a delicious house music moment in the nightclub set list.

Miguel Migs - “‘Funky Party’ is a cool little jam.”
Graeme Park - “Terrific!”
Glenn Underground - “‘Rebus’ Trip’ is a nice musical journey.”
Robert Owens - “Great tracks.”
Abicah Soul - “Nice!”
Marques Wyatt - “This is tight.”
DJ Therry (Jerk House Connection) - “Great EP. I love it.”
Grant Nelson - “Super sexy time!”
Joey Silvero (Distant People) - “Funky, bumpy EP right here. Great sounds to play over the festive period.”
Nick Holder - “This is dope!”
Gene Hunt - “Nice grooves.”
Hippie Torrales - “Great EP. Every tune is working.”
Tom Lown (DeepWit / Sudup) - “I’m really liking ‘Rebus’ Trip.’ Nice grooves. Reminds me of summers past.”
Mauricio Aviles (Movido / Loveslap) - “Dope EP. I’m really digging ‘Funky Party.’ It’ll be getting full rotation in my crate!”
Al Bradley (3am Recordings) - “Cool stuff here. I’m feeling ‘Rebus’ Trip’ the most … superb vibes. I’ll get loads of use from this one. I also enjoyed ‘Funky Party’ … top class grooves.”
Groove Junkies - “Cool EP. A little something for everyone here.”
Pierre Ravan (KaRavan) - “‘Rebus’ Trip’ has a nice hook and melody … it definitely reminds me of playing Rebus Club last summer.”

Available now from Juno Download and Beatport.