Various Artists - Occupy The Gruv (Release Musiq)

J-Hecht, who has previously been heard on Release Musiq as well as Onionz’ Electrik Soul label. displays his funky style with a straight-forward groover titled “Realized.” The rhythm section pulls off some tight, hip-shaking house music with a punchy bass line and a potent four-on-the-floor drive. Expressive vocal cut-ups and hits follow the rhythm adding a simmering excitement to the track. On top of all this is an effected synth melody, bursting in and out of the mix with modulated echoes and splashes of reverb.

The house music assault continues with “Occupy The Gruv" from Luis Armando. Luis previously made a splash on Release Musiq with his “I See U” single, and fans of that effort will definitely not be disappointed by this latest nightclub monster. A solid house rhythm track leads the way while strange, atmospheric sounds float around in the background for a trippy effect. As the cut builds, the sliding bass line pushes the speakers towards an eerie breakdown. A mysterious voice asks, “What do we want?" before everything kicks back in for a floor-filling resolution.

Luis Armando returns for the final track, joined by Conrad Greggor under the Armando & Greggor banner. Conrad is a DJ who came to the east coast via Seattle, and his influence deftly compliments Luis’ production in the track “DjSmiles.” The psychedelic touches typical of Armando’s work are here, placed upon a shuffling house groove and some glimmering synth pads. The track builds effortlessly, with stereo-drifting vocal hits and an uplifting chord motif building in volume throughout.

Occupy The Gruv! Enjoy this tasty ‘state of the label’ message from Release Muaiq, and be ready for a busy 2012 schedule from the label and its assorted, talented artists.

Orde Meikle (Slam) - “Straight into the crate!”
Jota Wagner (Colors Sound System) - “‘Realized’ and ‘Occupy The Gruv’ are two bombs! great EP.”
Onionz - “Hot!”
DK Watts (Short Bus Kids) - “I’m liking ‘DJsmiles.’ The vocal hooks me in, and the bassline and the way this track grooves works well.”
Lorenzo al Dino (7th District) - “Luis Armando rules the package!”
Rafy Nieves (Cyberbiotics Syndicated Radio Show) - “I love the fusion between atmospheric sounds and a punchy bass in ‘Realized.’”
Bogdan Taran (Dance Box) - “‘Occupy the Gruv’  is quite deep and techy enough, but at the same time not as obvious as many of the other tech house tunes around.”
Velanche (Urban Landscapes Radioshow) - “If this music best represents the label, then I’m looking forward to hearing more. Solid house sounds with some oomph!” 

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