Vipul Angirish - Persian Love EP (Wind Horse Records)

India’s Wind Horse Records imprint returns to embrace the exotic with the Persian Love EP, the debut set by rising New Delhi DJ/producer Vipul Angirish. Fans of Wind Horse or the budding Indian house music scene may recall Angirish’s blazing remixes for Hamza’s “Guru Funk” and “Dharma Voyager” on the label’s previous two singles. On the Persian Love EP it’s Vipul’s time in the spotlight, with his first original track in turn remixed by Hamza.

Vipul Angirish’s road to Wind Horse was somewhat guided by an Indian astrologer who affirmed that DJ’ing was Vipul’s chosen path rather than a more traditional occupation. Vipul met Hamza at his New Delhi club DJ residency where they immediately formed a friendship, with Hamza guiding Vipul’s growing aspiration and production sound. This relationship has borne fruit in the form of the mature and expressive sounds found on the Persian Love EP.

The track “Persian Love" is an intriguing mixture of organic, live instrumentation and synthetic house music sounds. The title references the song’s use of the oud, a traditional Persian string instrument. Hypnotic rhythmic sections give way to pronounced breakdowns prominently featuring the oud, creating an air of travel over large, foreign spaces. The cut builds dramatically, filled with pinging reverbs and swooshing cascades. Wind Horse founderHamza provides a more tribal-influenced, percussive version in his remix, complete with live drumming sections and buzzing drones anchored by steady house beats. The oud is ever-present, lifting Hamza’s remix with a melodic build in the second half.

Vipul Angirsh’s second original cut on the EP, “Ranjhana,” is named for, as Vipul says, “an intimate lover in a very famous tragic love story.” Here Vipul collaborates with the vocalist Vin, another first for the young producer. With its more straight-forward house rhythms “Ranjhana“‘s uniqueness comes from Vin’s ethereal, ethnic vocal and the interplay of Vipul’s synth melodies. Deep string pads enter mid-way through the track to accompany the vocal, leading to an effective and emotional breakdown section. This is intensely gorgeous work from Vipul Angirish, sure to become staples of the more adventurous DJ’s sets.

CheckPoint Charlie (MyCuppaT Blog) - “Another incredible release from Wind Horse - undoubtedly one of my top labels of the year. This release has everything; huge bass lines, deep rhythms, scintillating  hooks, hypnotic breakdowns - they are absolute dance floor weapons.” 
Joey Silvero (Distant People) - “Hamza’s remix has a smooth vibe. I love the percussion on this.” 
Marc Lacasse (Urbnet/Jackhouse) - “Ranjhana is straight up solid deep tech-house with a driving bass line. The chanting and floaty chords make for a great late night track.” 
Will SumSuch (Ibiza Global Radio) - “A really different sound, loving the traditional eastern vibes in these tracks. ‘World’ influences so often sound forced in house music, but this hits the mark perfectly.” 
Dave Mothersole (Ministry Of Sound) - “Nice release. I  like Ranjhana best on first listen, but all three are cool.” 
DJ Morpheus (Radio Campus Brussels/Freezone) - “It’s all good! I like all 3 tracks in here especially the Hamza remix. Wonderful stuff indeed!” 
Aaron-Carl (Wallshaker Music) - “OMG, Ranjhana is gorgeous from beginning to end. Much respect to Wind Horse Records — they NEVER disappoint!

Available now from Beatport / Juno Download / Traxsource