Wiltrud Weber - Blue and Deep (Wiltrud Weber Music)

The new voice - one can only dream of what is to come next from her!“ - Joaquin Joe Claussell (Sacred Rhythm Music / Body & Soul, New York)

Joyfully rhythmic and so … luscious! It’s a harmonious combination of Wiltrud Weber’s Euro-classical lyricism and Jephté Guillaume’s deep rooted Haitian Vodou and solid hypnotic, rhythmic background. The songs are haunting and rootsy at the same time with friendly unconscious winks at Klaus Nomi and Grace Jones.” - Dan Behrman (Producer / Host, CBS Radio, Canada)

Classically-trained, Berlin-based soprano Wiltrud Weber, who successfully bridges her operatic background with a fresh and modern style, and Jephté Guillaume, one of the most talented producers and percussionists of Haiti, known for his timeless records and collaborations with Joe Claussell (Body & Soul NYC), are uniting musical worlds in the album Blue and Deep: Afro-haitian and Brasilian rhythms meet house music, jazz and folk. The electrifying collaboration of Wiltrud Weber and Jephté Guillaume breaks down many musical walls with its spirited, revolutionary, and unexpected approach. The fusion of multi-linguistic, sensual opera-tinged singing and wild, Afro-Haitian instrumentation and production is sure to grab the ear of music lovers everywhere, whether listening at home or dancing at the club.

Their first single, “Blue and Deep,” was celebrated as an “uplifting and innovative masterpiece” by SpiritOfHouse.com. The track indeed transcends any ethnic pinpoint or boundary. Wiltrud Weber’s soulfully driven lyrical soprano voice is both evocative and seductive, weaving in and out of Jephté Guillaume’s Caribbean-influenced, edgy broken beat acoustic-organic track. It’s haunting and hypnotizing with an uplifting spirit and vibe. The next song, “Déjà Vu,” just might herald a new wave of future deep house classics with its skillful musicianship and studio-based expertise. The ambition in this haunting and exotic song aims to push dance music forward beyond the realm of standardized electronic music and into the domain of timeless musical complexity and beauty. The opening lyrics inspire the imagination as operatic vocals combine with a trance-inducing, soothing groove and an unconventional guitar melody. “Rhythmus" features more of Jephté Guillaume’s patented strong and powerful percussion mixed with a magical guitar solo aiming to beguile the dance floor. Wiltrud Weber’s warm and rich vocals are complimented by a spoken male voice adding an enigmatic atmosphere sure to grab the listener’s attention. Finally, "Harlem a Minuit" intensifies the mood with its Brazilian rhythms, seductive spoken vocal, and a male creole choir adding mystery. It’s loungey and sensual, not out of place on a Buddha Bar or Café del Mar compilation. Grab hold of Blue And Deep and enjoy its worldly, dynamic message, confidently uniting dance floors all over.

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