Space Coast & JP Soul feat. Audio Angel - The Way (Roam Recordings)

“The world gets smaller every day. We keep getting caught up trying to find our way.” These are the lyrics from the latest offering on Roam Recordings -- a slick multi-mood original vocal dance floor burner of a single featuring a lot of heavy hitters in the biz giving a take on it. "The Way" is an east (space?) coast meets west coast project. Florida's Sleazy McQueen and Jorge Collazo are Space Coast, composers of the soundtrack for the not-so-distant space travel in our futures. They pair up with the Roam bossman, JP Soul, a San Franciscan and role-player in the 40 Thieves gang. And Audio Angel, also from the Bay Area and a long time label familiar, lends her lovely vocals to the single.

The original collaboration between Space Coast, JP Soul, and Audio Angel is a smooth groover perfect for the more sultry of sets. Sleazy McQueen’s remix pushes the energy into main dance floor attraction territory with a galloping low end that rattles the bass bins. The Dub keeps it tight with chopped up and stuttering elements from the original making for a more hypnotic vibe.

Rounding off the EP are two new remixes with a few surprises by Wolf+Lamb and Nick Monaco. Zev and Gadi from Wolf+Lamb are two characters synonymous with a slyer and often slowed-to-a-passionate-pulse side of dance music. They're self staters and their music shows for it. Playful claps lend their remix all the cheekiness it needs while the hand percussion provides a primal dance groove that builds with off-kilter organs and bass that sputters. When joined by prodigious Northern California talent Nick Monaco for an additional remix, the boys come up with an old world-tinted jam led by a burlesque piano, keeping with the same joyous percussion.

Sunshine Jones (Dubtribe) - “So good it’s just stupid … love it.”
diskJokke (Full Pupp / Smalltown Supersound) - "Nice remix work from Sleazy McQueen and Wolf+Lamb. I'm looking forward to playing both."
Ant Plate (Rhythm Plate / YSE) - “Great vocal … it’s Sleazy McQueen’s mix for me this time.”
Chris Todd (Crazy P / Hot Toddy) - “Wolf+Lamb and Nick Monaco mixes are both really nice.”
Gavin Hardkiss  - “Two great talents making dope music.”
Jask (Thaisoul) - "This is very nice!"
Ben Mono (Undertones Gang / Plant Music) - “Lovely … will definitely play.”
OOFT! (Foto Rec.) - “Nice groove on the Wolf+Lamb mixes.”
Craig Stewart (Montana & Stewart / DCSTrax) - “The original is serious shizzle … great work.”
Distant People (SSRadio / Foliage) - “Oh yeah, nice cheeky groove to this … bumping mix by Sleazy McQueen.”
Ben Gomori (Data Transmission / Nurvous) - “I like the moody Wolf+Lamb mix!"
Sumsuch (Colour and Pitch / Mega Jawns) - “Incredible package this is … warm and smooth original, fantastic remixes, and good vibes throughout. Support is a no-brainer.”
Shane Johnson (Fish Go Deep / Red FM) - “Wolf+Lamb remix doing it for me here … good raw percussion with enough music and vocal going on to keep it interesting throughout.”
Bogdan Taran (Dance Box Radio Show) - “Wolf+Lamb remix is brilliant … that bass part in the middle of the track is perfect!”
SimonG (Deep South Audio) - “Quality in so many areas … the original is a sun soaked dream ready for an afternoon session … the dub will lock down the dance floor later at night.”
Tee Cardaci (Low Down Grooves / Sine Qua Non) - “So much to love about this … Roam continues to go from strength to strength with every release!”

Available now from Beatport and Juno Download.