Eddie Shinn - The Plastic Jam (Cold Busted)

The go-to label for funky downtempo bliss, Cold Busted, uses their platform once again to release music from a mysterious artist in a distant locale. Returning with The Plastic Jam, his third album on the label, Eddie Shinn is a 20 year old producer from Ulyanovsk, Russia and that's all we really know about the artist - besides the fact that he can turn out some dope cuts. The new album comes with some choice collaborations with the likes of fellow Cold Busted artist mister T. and Quincy Jointz, a German nu-funk machine.

Highlights abound on The Plastic Jam. Kicking things off with a countdown to a broken beat barrage on "Get Down", the funky organs and rhythmic guitars are in full effect from the start. Opening a "Box of Happiness" next, the hand percussion and horns on this track make this jam cypher arena ready. However, questions arise as to why Eddie Shinn and Quincy Jointz would title a track "Boring". It doesn't make much sense until the tongue-in-cheek humor of the vocal sample comes in mocking anybody who would want the party to stop as 'bor-ing!' It features a laid-back vibe for certain, but there's more than enough action that, were the listener to blink, they might miss a step. Finally, the "Bad Man" collaboration with mister T. really lets the bass guitar loose as one would expect with a descriptor like 'bad' … it's got the type of low end that makes fellas make a face and ladies shake their waist. "Witch Doctor" and "Is More Than Ready" just prove that there's more funkiness than one can shake a stick at when dealing with Eddie Shinn and Cold Busted.

Mark Farina - “I dig it!”
DJ Moneyshot (Solid Steel Radio / NinjaTune) - “Very strong nodders - should come with a free neck brace - and very positive to see beat-makers on the downtempo tip.”
tOtALcULt (Cult Music) - “Superb … a real touch of funky class!”
Danny Ward (Dubble D / Moodymanc) - “I like ‘Boring’, Eddie Shinn's collaboration with Quincy Jointz.”
Quincy Jointz (Timewarp) - “All killer tunes. Funky downbeats at their best.”
Renegades Of Jazz (Agogo Records) - “Fresh, funkin' downtempo gems … I will spin them a lot. ‘Get Down’ and ‘Box Of Happiness’ are my favorites.”
Mojo Rising (Cold Busted / F.A.M.I.L.Y.) - “'Boring' is anything but with a sublime bossa rhythm that ramps up into a heavier beat. Diggin' the whole release …”
Marc Lacasse (sHIFT Radio / Urbnet) - “A collection of slick beats and cool soul joints all in one.”
Robin Parris (Parris & Vanucci / Dancefloor Outlaws) - “Funky and phat … ‘Get Down’, ‘Box Of Happiness’, and ‘Is More Than Ready’ will get spins from me!”
Bill Brewster (DJHistory.com) - “‘Get Down’ is outstanding.”
DJ Kid Stretch (Warriorz Records / Goodgroove) - “Groovy and funky … nice one!”
xyddhartha (Digital Gathering Radio Show, New Delhi) - “It can't get any better!”
DJ Nova (Rodon FM, Greece) - “There will be no excuse for nu-funk lovers to not like this … more dope, heavy funk hip-hop-don’t-stop dusted grooves by Eddie Shinn.”
Andy Wilson (Ibiza Sonica FM) - “‘Bad Man’ is nice and funky … some good head-nodders here.”
Niksa Dragolin (Eurostar Radio, Croatia) - "Reminds me of some Beastie Boys tunes … so great, a very cool release."
DJ Russo (Analog Space / Higher Sound) “Rare that every track on an EP is killer … this is one case.”

Available now from Beatport and The Cold Busted Shop.