Senor Prezidente - Can You See It (Dimentique)

New kid on the block Senor Prezidente has jumped on board with the Dimentique label family by means of his debut single, “Can You See It”. The Manchester artist is coming in hot with a fidgety bass line and a spaced-out, eerie vibe heightened by tense build ups, all tied together in UK garage influences. The crafty rave elements of this house track show Senor's deep drum n' bass and jungle roots. “Can You See It” brings back that late '90s and early 2000s feel of classic, illegal underground street raves around the UK, the results of which continue to reverberate through today's big clubs and festivals. This single's healthy mix of influences happily joins in that sound.

Tariq Ziyad (Planet Rave / Dark Horse) - "I love speed garage and bass line house and this track hits the spot. This guy is a great producer … I look forward to hearing more from him."
Phonatics (Housesession Records) - "This is freakin' tight!"
Mojo Rising (Cold Busted / F.A.M.I.L.Y.) - "Nicely done. This has a speed garage feel which is actually refreshing to hear in this day and age of EDM excess."
Kid Enigma (Great Lakes Audio / 1200 Traxx) - "Awesome track!"
Sam Hopkins (AccuRadio, Chicago) - "I dig it … nice bass work!"
Revival88 (Strictly House FM / Househeads Radio) - "What an absolute tune … pure vibes. Propa stormin' tune! I can see me caning this for ages."
Radha Kotliarsky (The EDM Network) - "This is huge."
DJ Lolly (Freek FM / Ruff Diamond) - "Loving the vibe on this bass."
Corbin Dooley (Electric Feel Radio Show) - "Great UK sound … big ups!"

Available now from Beatport and Juno Download.