Q-Burns Abstract Message - QBAM RMX1 (Colour and Pitch)

Colour and Pitch is honored to present this selection of previously unreleased remixes from leftfield production hero Q-Burns Abstract Message. Since remixing the label's debut release ("Simpatico" by Sumsuch), Colour and Pitch has built a close relationship with the mercurial Orlando-based artist, and constant pestering for more music has finally paid off. Rescued from obscurity and lovingly remastered, QBAM RMX1 is made up of vintage Q-BAM reworks that never saw the light of day for one reason or another. It’s been a true labour of love tracking down the original artists and getting deals agreed, but one listen to this EP makes all the hard work worthwhile.

Opening the EP is a breaks-y, atmospheric, and psychedelic version of Church Williams’ 2013 indie-pop gem "Touch The Sun". Next up Q-BAM tackles "Absence" by underground trip-hop / synth-pop collective The Antirealists, supplying a bass-driven, shoe-gazing indie-dance interpretation … as addictive as it is unique. The brilliantly named Japanese Insanity receive a percussion-led, driving workout, taking their track "The Lobster" into hypnotic dance floor territory. The remix of Robert McCoy’s "Damascus" builds steadily into a trippy deep house bubbler and is off-kilter in the best possible way. Last but by no means least, Mathew Scot’s "Trauma" is re-imagined in a style reminiscent of West Coast house music during its mind-expanding golden era.

Brimming with inventiveness and creativity, these five remixes see Q-Burns Abstract Message at his vintage, genre-defying best; somehow managing to sound cerebral and visceral all at once.

Three (Hallucienda) - "Wow … par excellence. The lot of 'em."
Nick Warren - "Wonderful release … every mix is ace!"
Chris Fortier (Fade) - "All of these sound great!"
Anthony Pappa - "Cool EP … best track for me is the 'Damascas' remix."
Randall Jones (Audio Therapy / Baroque) - "Super fat sounds all over this release. Q-BAM is the king!"
Sunshine Jones (Dubtribe) - "I love 'The Lobster' remix!"
Phonogenic (Moodmusic / Turbo) - "The 'Trauma' remix is a really nice morning affair."
Claudio Coccoluto - "Great music."
Terry Francis - "The 'Trauma' remix for me."
Leigh Morgan (Fancy Human / Urban Torque) - "Liking the 'Damascas' remix here … heavy groove."
Jarle Bråthen (Full Pupp) - "A great bundle of remixes … I'm a fan."
Golf Clap (Country Club Disco) - "'The Lobster' remix is a masterpiece."
Marcia Carr (Mi-Soul Radio / Ladyz) - "Always fresh and edgy, I like the Q-BAM house style. It works best for me on the 'Absence' remix with that funky slay of beats."
DJ Tomas (Google Play / ForwardEver) - "Reveals great new angles of Q-BAM's production prowess. This is super slinky dance funk that zig-zags in all the right places."
DJ Derek Jones (Soular Grooves Radio) - "Each of these tracks is rich and texture and substance, listening pearls. A reminder that Q-BAM was also doing something well off the beaten path, not bound by genre stereotypes."
Acid Ted (music blog) - " Funky, offbeat, delightful … Q-Burns Abstract Message does it again!"

Available now from Juno Download, Beatport, iTunes, and Spotify.