Tom Appl - Two Days (Karmaloft Music)

As a sound engineer, Tom Appl has been openly experimenting with sonic styles and textures, working primarily in the realms of deep and tech-house, but incorporating elements from a more mainstream production world. Also releasing under the pseudonym Fruitroom, Tom has a series of well-regarded singles and remixes for the Karmaloft Music label and has been DJ'ing actively since the early '90s. This latest EP for Karmaloft, titled Two Days, further expands Tom Appl's measure as a producer, seamlessly melding deeper house with progressive and tech-house ingredients.

The Two Days EP opens with "Three Arcade", announcing the proceedings with an infectious sequencer pattern. Plucked-sounding synth melodies and layers of strings develop into a warm arrangement of bass leads and spacey flourishes. A sparser remix from the Dresden-based Matthias Freudmann – a fellow Karmaloft artist – enhances the dream factor in its gentle intro before introducing a growling bass line and a pulsing rhythm. "One Time" may be the most optimistic cut on the release, with its chiming piano chords mixing with Appl's trademark synth strings and percussive splashes. The title track closes the EP on its slightly ominous combination of percussion and synths, welcoming a low, pensive bass drone to the mix. The track's build is resolute, as additional pads and percussion transmit a forlorn melody that leads a dramatic breakdown.

Al Mackenzie (Great Outdoors / Brassneck) - "'Two Days' is bloody ace."
Christian Hornbostel (Hooki-Sonic / Sa Trincha) - "Great job … full support."
Chris Fortier (Fade / Mindwarp) - "Sounds good."
Al Bradley (3am Recordings) - "'Two Days' has a classic-sounding appeal, like some of the more melodic tech sounds from the mid-'90s … never a bad thing."
Larry Tee - "Weird and nice!"
Sumsuch (Colour and Pitch) - "'Three Arcade' and the Matthias Freudmann remix are stunning."
Pat Lezizmo (Conya Records) - "Great remix from Matthias Freudmann … I love it."
Alcala (Kids Records / Grand Blanc) - "Every track is solid but I really like 'Two Days' the most. Awesome atmosphere without being too chill and dreamy."
DJ Aldrin (Zouk Club / One WIth Music) - "Fab release … perfect for the gigs this weekend."
Nutritious (SpinSpinNYC) - "Yes … this is excellent."
Salvatore Logicfusion (Deepinradio, Greece) - "Uplifting deepness."
Richard Paulose (Vertigo Radio Show) - "Each track is great and unique in its own way."
Martin Madigan (DMC World / DMC Update) - "Four great tracks … I love them!"
Jamie Topham (CDPool) - "Very cool release once again from Karmaloft … I really like the soundscape of 'Two Days' on here."

Available now from Beatport, Juno Download, and Spotify.