Hamza - Make Me (Viva Recordings)

With nearly two decades of epic house music curation and taste-making, Viva Recordings has released landmark productions from artists like Pezzner, Justin Harris, Alexander East, Rick Preston, Demarkus Lewis, Rick Wade, and Johnny Fiasco. Viva once again departs the station in explosive style with the turbo-charged “Make Me” EP, a bullet train of locomotion from Indian producer Hamza. Known for his gritty production infusing a mixture of deep, tribal, and pleasingly off-kilter sounds with world music influences, Hamza fuses the sounds of the East and the West.

Much as prior Viva releases, “Make Me” will inspire heavy rotation in your playlists. “Dopa” finds crunchy percussion blasting the tracks off its roiling tech-infused bass underpinnings. “Make Me” is a sunny daytime dance party affair with deftly arranged flair—hi-hats, hand drums, and chugging keys—married together in syncopated rhythm. Drop Hamza’s “Make Me” EP and be catapulted in transit to the dancefloor.

Greg Dowling (Fish Go Deep) – “Very cool tracks, will play both.”
Craig Stewart (Montana & Steward) – “Love Hamza’s sounds, he knows what he’s doing. Great work!”
Lee Jones / Country Gents (Buslife) – “Wow, this is amazing! I’ve chosen ‘Make Me’ as my fave, but they both float my boat the same. Super grooves, more of this please!”
Ricky Inch (King Street Sounds) – “Thank You! Beautiful tunes, great vibe. I like!”
Tom Lown (Lucky Sun Recordings) – “Top quality lush deep house.”
DJ P-Rez (Not So Fast Records) – “This is a dope project! I will be playing both tracks a lot.”
Tyler Stadius (Deepsite) – “Sweet late night tracks.”
Magnus Asberg (On The House Records) – “Yes! Some serious good deep house here. Full support.”
Tony H (Late Night Munchies, Viva Recordings) – “Dope is DOPE!”
Jon Wesley (Music Goes On Radio Show) – “I love them both. ‘Make Me’ is the pick if I must choose a favorite.”
Simon Kirk (Stag Beetle Radio Show) – “Love this. Very, very classy and oozing quality. I will be playing these for a long time to come.”

Available Now From: Beatport, Traxsource, iTunes, And Spotify.