Sex Judas - Monter Sur Le Cochon Norvégien N'est Pas Facile - The Norwegian Remixes (Cymasonic)

Barcelona-based Cymasonic is a musical imprint, platform and collaboration between longtime friends Trulz & Robin (Trulz Kvam, Robin Crafoord) and Arildo (Arild Lopez) with stellar releases by Robomatic, Usmev, and Camilla Luna, among others. Cymasonic returns with “Monter Sur Le Cochon Norwégien N'est Pas Facil – The Norwegian Remixes” by Sex Judas (Tore Gjedrem), one half of Ost & Kjex, whose prior output spans everything from Dyinamic releases, leftfield Norwegian trash, ‘90s doom metal bands, and avant-disco funk.

In his restless quest for the funk, Sex Judas invites label-mates as well as players from the Norwegian underground scene—Blackbelt Andersen, Human Inferno, Charlotte Bendiks, Magnus international, Melkeveien—to re-imagine originals culled from 2011-2015 releases on Tim Paris’ Marketing label. The mixes are infused with the vigilante attitude, grit, and funk of the current northern scene, as well as analog, slinky, and abstract house. After this scintillating tease, stay tuned for Sex Judas’ full album drop later this winter.

Flash Atkins (Paper Recordings) – “Yes yes yes, it’s a win for me!”
Tyler Stadius (Dialtone Records) – “Tripped out tracks. I’ll play the Charlotte Bendiks Remix.”
Jaymz Nylon (Adult Selections Radio Show) – “The Blackbelt Anderson Remix is a feel good track that’s funky in all the right places.”
Lee Jones / Country Gents (Buslife) – “Wow, what a journey this is. The Magnus International remix floats my boat.”
Robot84 (Paper Recordings) – “Lots of super remixes on here. Blackbelt Anderson is the one for me, I love it!”
DJ Osric (Black and Blue Show) – “Love the variety on this release. Very enjoyable.”
Matt Prehn (Oh So Coy / Large Music) – “Some fresh vibes here. Really feeling Charlotte’s remix.”
Simon Kirk (Stag Beetle Radio Show) – “Fantastic release – the Magnus International remix is so good. Dancefloor Devistation!”
DJ Morpheus (Lysergic Factory radio show) – “Truly bonkers stuff, but it’s up my tree so I dig it! Top crazy.”
Taigo Onez (Bang Le’ Dex Radio Show) – “Arildo, Trulz & Robin come through in the clutch on this! They complement the release for sure. Great body of work here!”

Available Now From: Bandcamp, Juno Download, Spotify, And iTunes.