DJ Mix: The Launch of the Occult Rituals Podcast

The sonically esoteric Occultists label has just launched its Occult Rituals Podcast series, aiming to highlight releases and interests of the label and its artists, as well as broadcasting an ever-changing and compelling storyline. Here's how Occultists describes the series and the inaugural episode:

We've decided to start this podcast series to give our artists, remixers, and industry friends a platform to share their musical ritual with us. This gives the artist the freedom to tell their story without genre constraints. The only requirement is that the mix must tell a story of their ritual.

For the first edition Occultists founder James Demon provides his musical ritual featuring tracks from the Dugong - Dead Man Rising EP and his current favorites. Telling a story that ranges from downtempo, house, and techno James wanted to tell a story that was fully true to himself. Always being attracted to the darkness even in his youth, as he began to grow older and recognize his spiritual self he began to toy with the idea of finding the balance between the light and the dark. This is how the concept of Occultists was born, we all must embrace the darkness to find the light. Don't fear it because fear only holds us back. We hope you enjoy it and feel free to share and comment.

Track List:

  1. Dead Can Dance - The Host of Seraphim
  2. Dugong & Xenoscapes - Weak & Powerless
  3. Likeatree & Dugong - The Evil Magician (Mrs. Jekyll Reconstruct Remix)
  4. Kat Channel - Hangover Days
  5. Marcel Fengler - Jaz
  6. Oshana - Anything Is Possible
  7. Vex - Vex-1
  8. F.eht - Unday Roove (Tasi & Chriss Baker Remix)
  9. Adra - Kaitain
  10. Prince Of Denmark - OR6145
  11. Evigt Mörker - Drömsyn
  12. Prince Of Denmark - GS
  13. Ness - Hybrid Discovery
  14. Luigi Tozzi - Mefite (The Gods Planet Remix)
  15. Konstantin Sibold - Mutter
  16. Aes Dana - Low Tide Explorations
  17. Lifetree & Dugong - The Evil Magician

Three of the tracks found in this mix are taken from the latest Occultists release, Dugong's Dead Man Rising EP. It's available now from Beatport and other digital shops. Listen to a preview: