Video Premiere: PRIX - Don't Get All Upset

‘Don’t Get All Upset', from the latest Random Records release by PRIX, memorializes not only the life and work of the late great Brian Tennessee Claflin (aka Prix), but also Berlin's party and club life of the late naughties. Claflin, over a track produced by Snax, guides the listener through the drama, sleaze, and cuntiness of the underground, specifically that found at Claflin’s notorious weekly party, Pork. The video brings all this to life, with scenes culled from various happenings Prix blessed with her presence. All hail the majesty of PRIX!

text by: PRIX

Get huh…

I know it’s hard to see
The majesty of Prix
At the stroke of three
You’re all dreadful to me
All your drugs I took
I’m serving a cunty look
You’re confidence is shook
Why don’t you get the hook

Don’t Get All Upset

So what I lifted up a shirt
Now you wanna drag my name through the dirt
So what about your blouse
Honey we don’t see your house

Don’t Get All Upset

Please allow me to be blunt
But sorry no one goes to Be Cunt
No explanation for your stunt
Y’all better stop trying to front
So explain your retort
Perhaps your jealousy of Pork
Bitch I’ll stab you with a fork
God sometimes I miss New York
I’d be willing to bet
Success you’ll never get
So keep your empty threats
And don’t get all upset

Don’t Get All Upset

PRIX's brilliant self-titled EP will be released on February 21 via Random Records and all proceeds go to the Brian Tennessee Claflin Foundation. Check out a SoundCloud preview: