Snax - Loose Beats (Random Records)

Random Records presents Loose Beats, five re-imaginings from Snax's latest album, Shady Lights. Much like the album, this is an eclectic collection; the last audio chapter in the saga. Tying up the loose ends and tightening up the beats. Loose Beats.

Up first is a special extended version of “Loose Beat.” It's a fragile tune with a deep electronic mood tied together with a vocal performance from Snax which is distant yet intimate. Breaks are extended in this mix, the original of which prompted Will Automajic from Carry Nation to declare, “Loose Beat is the one for me here! So good!”

Snax's good friend Massimiliano Pagliara took time off from his hectic touring schedule to revisit “Shade Of The Living Light.” Seems Pagliara wanted the original 1:30 coda off the Shady Lights LP to be extended into an ecstatic cosmic banger, and he delivered! This remix is already burning up dance floors in Massi's worldwide DJ sets.

Mr. Manic is one of the true up and coming legendary children of the Berlin queer underground. He's been making a name for huh-self all over town, dazzling crowds with her otherworldly sounds, not too mention huh fierce looks for your nerves! Manic took Snax's thrill-hop track “No Fakin’” and completely turned it upside down. Must be heard to be believed.

Techno legends TokTok need no introduction. Snax first met the duo during his Captain Comatose days and they've been collaborating in many ways ever since. TokTok restructures “Loose Beat” with their signature four-to-the-floor sizzle, creating a stomper with minimal production and maximum stomp.

Finally, Snax returns as house music alter ego Box Office Poison with the last word on “Loose Beats.” This nine minute thrill ride recalls early morning NYC, Body And Soul club feels, complete with sweeping house hits, deep kicks, and shimmering highs. It's all tied together with an epic Latin-infused piano solo that will make the summer last forever.

Nick Warren (Hope Recordings) – “The Extended Version and Massimilliano Remix are ace!”
KJ (Integrity Recordings) – “Solid. Feeling the piano, and nice remix by Box Office Poison.”
JT Donaldson (New Math Records) – “Wild! I’m loving it.”
Pete Williams (Natural Rhythm) – “The Massimiliano Remix is cosmic bliss.”
Richard Hardcastle (All Out War radio show) – “Wowsers. These are all amazing. Proper.”
Gianluca Pandullo (Opilec Music) – “I-Robots approved!”
Snooba (Radio Panik) – “Haunted folklore … Snax is infectious!”
Ollie Blackmore (Soul Heaven) – “What a surprise package.”
Rob Warner (Ibiza Voice) – “Shade of the Living Light is dope!”
Jon Fugler (XLNT radio show) – “A lovely retro feel to Loose Beat. The Box Office Poison remix is the best!”

Available Now From: Bandcamp, Beatport, Apple Music, And Spotify.

Various Artists Book Of Shadows: Various Spells Vol. 1 (Occultists)

Occultists is a label concept born out of the idea of playing with the polarities of finding the light within the darkness and curating a musical output of techno that has an esoteric flair. After making some noise with the imprint’s freshman release from Dugong, label founder James Demon continued on the hunt for some fresh new artists to officially join the Occultists family. Finding just that, the label is proud to present its sophomore release Book Of Shadows: Various Spells Vol. 1.

Starting off the journey is Adra, an old time friend of James Demon – the two met as young ravers in the underground scene of Las Vegas as teenagers. Though reconnecting in their adult techno lives while based in San Francisco, it was finally when James moved to Berlin that he discovered Adra as a techno producer. Bringing a pure techno approach to her track “Ami”, she adds a special flair that is destined to create magic on the dance floor.

Following Adra is none other than Occultists artist Dugong who made her debut on the label with last year’s well-received Dead Man Rising EP. This time around Dugong shows her diversity as a producer by delivering a techno-friendly track while still being true to herself with her one-of-a-kind voice and songwriting style. The track “Heart Of War” takes the listener on a journey through the world of Dugong while remaining ready for those special moments in the club.

Turning the pages of the book of shadows brings the listener to James Demon, the founder Occultists. Taking inspiration from his favorite horror and sci-fi films James creates a club ready track “Old Magick” that tells a tale from the dark side that is sure to bring out the light within.

In the beginning stages of the label when James was looking for artists that fit the vibe of the occult concept, a friend from Berlin reached out to introduce the next artist, F600. When James heard this music he was immediately sold on his eerie approach to techno and chose the track “CH2=CH2” for this little book of spells.

Rounding out the EP is the only non-techno track on the release, creating a sense of diversity in the line-up of artists. Berlin based duo Zoid^ was discovered by James after meeting artist Ze Royale at one of his events in Berlin. After seeing the unique performance of Zoid^ with production and visuals from Misster Mystery James instantly knew he wanted them to be part of the Occultists concept. Their track “Freak” takes the listener on a journey through an android’s exploration of something or someone strange.

Eric Davenport (Guesthouse) – “Digging the funky, driving ‘Old Magick’ by James Demon.”
Jon Fugler (Fluke / XLNT radio show) – “Some very subtle and hypnotic things occurring here.”
Anri (Tokyo Redlight) – “These tracks are very cool and amazing. I will love playing these in my set.”
DJ Morpheus (Lysergic Factory Radio Show) – “Freak by Zoid^ is excellent!”
Rob Warner (Ibiza Voice) – “Heart Of War is fantastic.”
Iron Curtis (Mule Electronic) – “Old Magick sounds excellent!”
Darrell Stout (Next Level) – “Mind altering and haunting.”
Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk (Thelonious Funk Sessions) – “Very cool EP. I will definitely play these tracks on the show.”
Project Gestalten (ARAAA Records) – “Another consistent release by the label. I loved the first one and this is really great. I love the dark yet danceable approach. Definitely supporting this.”
Tiago Onez (Bane Le’ Dex Radio Show) – “What a wonderful release! Truly wonderful! I LOVE every single track. Fantastic release from the Occultists label.”

Available Now From: Beatport, What People Play, iTunes, And Spotify.

PRIX - PRIX (Random Records)

Continuing in their efforts to present the work of the late Brian Tennessee Claflin, the Brian Tennessee Claflin Foundation, in conjunction with Random Records, is proud to present the first release from Brian’s musical alter ego, PRIX.

Brian Tennessee Claflin was a radical and fiery figure who worked on the intersecting fringes of Berlin’s art and nightlife scenes since he moved there in 2006 up until his tragic death in 2014 at the age of 33. He ran the notorious Sunday soirée PORK at Ficken3000, and left behind a small but very powerful body of art. Working inter-disciplinarily in the fields of performance, video, photography, DJ’ing, painting, and writing, Claflin was himself a living work of art who managed to develop a cult following of friends, family, and fans in a brief but intense period of frenetic activity.

Between 2009 and 2013, Brian and his friend, the American-cum-Berlin musician and producer Snax, produced music and sound collages. All these productions met somewhere at the intersection of dance, voodoo, bitchiness, and punk and several were used for Brian’s performance pieces.

The Brian Tennessee Claflin Foundation and Snax’s Random Records are very proud to finally release two tracks from these sessions, as well as remixes, digitally and as a vinyl EP in a limited edition of 500 hand-numbered copies.

The first track showcased on the PRIX EP, entitled “Don’t Get All Upset”, addresses the politics and hypocrisy Brian constantly confronted working in the world of nightlife. Taken directly from his experiences as promoter of the notorious PORK party at Ficken3000, Prix lambastes anyone who dares to challenge her while Snax supports it all with a tense and strutting funk. B-side “Spritz It” is nothing less than an electro monster from the underground. Just how much damage, pleasurable and otherwise, can one inflict on the erogenous zones? Prix’s gender fluid party anthem shows one the way.

Remixes come courtesy of artists who knew and loved Brian personally: Janus party stalwart Lotic brings his unique sound of vogue horror to “Don’t Get All Upset”. Lotic highlights the vitriolic lyrical delivery, punctuating it with terror house, and redefining the word “slay”. Filmmaker Bruce LaBruce takes another turn as remixer, teaming up with international duo MADLICK (who had their live debut at PORK). Together they turn the beat around on “Spritz It”, offering up disco fever and another shade of ecstasy. For DJs, an instrumental version of “Upset” is featured, as well as the “Spritzapella”, which must be heard to believed.

The limited edition vinyl release is pressed on translucent yellow vinyl and is enclosed in hand-numbered covers designed by Brian’s friend and collaborator Mario Dzurila. The first 200 covers are hand painted and every copy comes with free download codes for digital. All sale proceeds go to the Brian Tennessee Claflin Foundation, which aims to maintain and promote Brian’s artistic legacy.

The vinyl release was launched in Berlin at a special exhibition on the eve of Brian’s birthday, 1 December, at Monster Ronson’s Ichiban Karaoke. DJ sets came courtesy of Bruce LaBruce, Madlick, Snax plus a live performance by Crystal D.

Brian Tennessee Claflin was born in Boise, Idaho, in the United States of America, in 1980. He studied photography, studio art, and art history at Hunter College (City University of New York) and BTK in Berlin, where he resided from 2006 until his death in 2014. He collaborated with multimedia artist Christophe Chemin, photographer & designer Mario Dzurila, musician Snax, painter Pietro Spirito, and art/porn filmmaker Bruce LaBruce, among others. His work has been performed and exhibited at HAU Theater, STYX Projects, Lucas Carrieri Gallery, and the Black Mold Gallery in Chicago. For seven years, Claflin curated the weekly avant-garde Sunday night performance and dance party PORK, as well as the transgressive poetry and spoken word anti-art salon and performance/installation night SLUM, both of which he initiated along with writer Travis Jeppesen.

Snax, aka Paul Bonomo, is an American born musician, performer and DJ. Through his long and varied career, he founded queer art punk band Fagbash and disco pop group Captain Comatose. He has released several solo albums and singles and collaborated with artists such as Jamie Lidell, Peaches, and Scissor Sisters. The PRIX EP is released on his label, Random Records.

Billie Ray Martin - (Disco Activisto Records) – “Amazing release. That old school, taken in to the new realm. Fierceness!”
Dickey Doo (Get Up Recordings) – “Cute!”
Hard Ton (Toy Tonics) – “”Great EP, Spritz it got me shaking my ass. Love the 808-ish drums and the vocals.”
Severino (HorseMeatDisco) – “This is great – Crazy!”
Andreas Kinzl (Aromabar) – “Disco punk is back.”
Miruna Boruzescu (Borusiade) – “Queer Fun!”
Larry Tee (Carnage Music) – “Love it. Loved Brian.”
Christian Homan (RTE Pulse) – “Interesting and liking it!”
NoWay DJ (Sub-Zero Radio Show) – “Bruce LaBruce vs. Madlick Remix is killer!”
Zach Van Lue - “Refreshing, wacky ass vocal driven dance music!”
Jon Wesley (Music Goes On radio show) – “This is amazing! I would love to play Spritz It on my radio show, but I can’t afford the FCC fines, so I’ll save it for my sets.”

Available Now From: Beatport, WhatPeoplePlay, iTunes, And Spotify.

Video Premiere: PRIX - Don't Get All Upset

‘Don’t Get All Upset', from the latest Random Records release by PRIX, memorializes not only the life and work of the late great Brian Tennessee Claflin (aka Prix), but also Berlin's party and club life of the late naughties. Claflin, over a track produced by Snax, guides the listener through the drama, sleaze, and cuntiness of the underground, specifically that found at Claflin’s notorious weekly party, Pork. The video brings all this to life, with scenes culled from various happenings Prix blessed with her presence. All hail the majesty of PRIX!

text by: PRIX

Get huh…

I know it’s hard to see
The majesty of Prix
At the stroke of three
You’re all dreadful to me
All your drugs I took
I’m serving a cunty look
You’re confidence is shook
Why don’t you get the hook

Don’t Get All Upset

So what I lifted up a shirt
Now you wanna drag my name through the dirt
So what about your blouse
Honey we don’t see your house

Don’t Get All Upset

Please allow me to be blunt
But sorry no one goes to Be Cunt
No explanation for your stunt
Y’all better stop trying to front
So explain your retort
Perhaps your jealousy of Pork
Bitch I’ll stab you with a fork
God sometimes I miss New York
I’d be willing to bet
Success you’ll never get
So keep your empty threats
And don’t get all upset

Don’t Get All Upset

PRIX's brilliant self-titled EP will be released on February 21 via Random Records and all proceeds go to the Brian Tennessee Claflin Foundation. Check out a SoundCloud preview: