Snax - Loose Beats (Random Records)

Random Records presents Loose Beats, five re-imaginings from Snax's latest album, Shady Lights. Much like the album, this is an eclectic collection; the last audio chapter in the saga. Tying up the loose ends and tightening up the beats. Loose Beats.

Up first is a special extended version of “Loose Beat.” It's a fragile tune with a deep electronic mood tied together with a vocal performance from Snax which is distant yet intimate. Breaks are extended in this mix, the original of which prompted Will Automajic from Carry Nation to declare, “Loose Beat is the one for me here! So good!”

Snax's good friend Massimiliano Pagliara took time off from his hectic touring schedule to revisit “Shade Of The Living Light.” Seems Pagliara wanted the original 1:30 coda off the Shady Lights LP to be extended into an ecstatic cosmic banger, and he delivered! This remix is already burning up dance floors in Massi's worldwide DJ sets.

Mr. Manic is one of the true up and coming legendary children of the Berlin queer underground. He's been making a name for huh-self all over town, dazzling crowds with her otherworldly sounds, not too mention huh fierce looks for your nerves! Manic took Snax's thrill-hop track “No Fakin’” and completely turned it upside down. Must be heard to be believed.

Techno legends TokTok need no introduction. Snax first met the duo during his Captain Comatose days and they've been collaborating in many ways ever since. TokTok restructures “Loose Beat” with their signature four-to-the-floor sizzle, creating a stomper with minimal production and maximum stomp.

Finally, Snax returns as house music alter ego Box Office Poison with the last word on “Loose Beats.” This nine minute thrill ride recalls early morning NYC, Body And Soul club feels, complete with sweeping house hits, deep kicks, and shimmering highs. It's all tied together with an epic Latin-infused piano solo that will make the summer last forever.

Nick Warren (Hope Recordings) – “The Extended Version and Massimilliano Remix are ace!”
KJ (Integrity Recordings) – “Solid. Feeling the piano, and nice remix by Box Office Poison.”
JT Donaldson (New Math Records) – “Wild! I’m loving it.”
Pete Williams (Natural Rhythm) – “The Massimiliano Remix is cosmic bliss.”
Richard Hardcastle (All Out War radio show) – “Wowsers. These are all amazing. Proper.”
Gianluca Pandullo (Opilec Music) – “I-Robots approved!”
Snooba (Radio Panik) – “Haunted folklore … Snax is infectious!”
Ollie Blackmore (Soul Heaven) – “What a surprise package.”
Rob Warner (Ibiza Voice) – “Shade of the Living Light is dope!”
Jon Fugler (XLNT radio show) – “A lovely retro feel to Loose Beat. The Box Office Poison remix is the best!”

Available Now From: Bandcamp, Beatport, Apple Music, And Spotify.

DJ Mix: Box Office Poison's Winter 2017 Selection

Box Office Poison (AKA Snax) has just uploaded a terrific new DJ mix. "As we wait for the sun to return, things get a little darker, a little deeper...a little poisonous. We keep the dance floor warm." The mix includes PRIX's new single "Don't Get All Upset" (Random Records) as well as recent bangers from Terry Farley and Brookside Chase. Have a listen:

Track List:

  1. Twilight (Eddie Niguel Remix) - Kiko Navarro
  2. Prove My Love To You - Brookside Chase
  3. Die 4 U - Terry Farley
  4. Big Gun (Original Mix - Sante Sansone
  5. Bring Me Down feat. Jinadu (Kizzmo Remix) - Keenarf
  6. Passion (Naked Mix) - Gat Decor
  7. I Am Disco (BonomoLeMagass Solid Gold Dub) - Manhooker
  8. As If (Fatherhood Remix) by The Carry Nation
  9. Drift Apart - School Of Thought
  10. Don't Get All Upset - PRIX
  11. Cardiogram (feat. Olivia de Lanzac) (Max Pask Remix) - It's A Fine Line

Snax (Box Office Poison) Interviewed and In The Mix

American born / Berlin based musician, producer and performer Snax has just released a new single on his own Random Records imprint. Instead of his own artist name, the single – "One Good Thing" – has been released under the Box Office Poison moniker. It's a buoyant house music experience, further fueled by the accomplished and pleasing vocals of Adam Joseph, and accompanied by remixes from Jad & The Ladyboy and BonomoLeMagass (a duo consisting of Snax and ex-Manhooker frontman Mavin LeMagass). You can listen to a preview of the single HERE.

Snax just sent us a new Box Office Poison DJ mix that we're eager to listen to, but first we asked the busy DJ / producer to answer a few questions:

First of all, why Box Office Poison?

Snax: Joan had a meeting with Mr. Mayer who unceremoniously dumped her from her contract at MGM Pictures. The reason? ‘Critics have labeled you BOX OFFICE POISON’ was his cold and heartless explanation.

In a rage, Joan destroyed her rose garden, while her adopted children looked on in horror. Tina, bring me the ax!

What makes a Box Office Poison release different than a Snax release?

Snax: Snax releases are electronic soul / pop. To me, pop is a hybrid and distillation of all my influences, which are many.

Box Office Poison on the other hand is pure house … and all that entails. The passion, the heat, the sweat. I wanted to create an outlet to release no nonsense beat music. There are elements of pop structure, but the point is to keep it loose, free, and totally for the dance floor.

How did Adam Joseph become involved? Is he a regular collaborator with Box Office Poison?

Snax: I met Adam Joseph when he did a live / DJ set at the notorious Pork party in Berlin. My good friend Brian Claflin (may he rest in peace) asked me to fill in for his usual hosting spot that night. Brian said, ‘I think you’ll like this guy.’

I was a bit concerned when I realized Adam was about to do a Whitney Houston cover, but as soon as he opened his mouth I was hooked! Collaboration was inevitable.

I’m still working with Adam, together with my songwriting and producing partner Mavin (ex-Manhooker), and I think we make quite a good team, if I do say so myself, and I do. So there.

Any interesting facts or stories about “One Good Thing”?

Snax: I invited Adam over to my makeshift East Berlin studio to record. The vocal booth collapsed. Adam was just too fierce!

The track originated from an unreleased remix I did for Manhooker. I sent the instrumental to Adam and he chirped those great lyrics about whore-ing around and looking for love. We had just met yet somehow he knew the story of my life!

What can you tell us about this new DJ mix?

Snax: I’ll be making Box Office Poison mixes every season. This one is for summer. I raise the humidity with goodies from my fave labels at the moment; Exploited, Rebirth, Meant, Defected … plus some classics and of course some of my own productions.

What’s in store for Box Office Poison and Snax?

Snax: Further Box Office Poison remixes and releases are on the horizon and this weekend I’m doing my first DJ night booked as BOP at Vogue Fabrics in London. And they’ll be more of those to come …

I’m finishing my fourth full Snax album. Release info is pending, but I’m EXTREMELY proud of this one so get ready. I’m a planet and you’re my moon.

Now please enjoy Box Office Poison in the mix:

Box Office Poison - One Good Thing (feat Adam Joseph) (Random Records)

American born / Berlin based musician, producer and performer Snax is proud to release the first full EP under his house production moniker Box Office Poison.

Box Office Poison has a mission. That is, to deliver all the emotions conjured up by four-to-the-floor: the drama, the joy, the glamour, the light, the darkness, the cuntiness, the sweat. Snax has already released under this name via remixes for The Rimshooters and Bedroom Productions. For this release, the ninth on Snax’s Random Records label, he’s teamed up with soul singer Adam Joseph to create a fresh and breezy stomper "One Good Thing", perfect for summer dance floors and beyond.

While the driving beat, jangly piano and delicate synths move your body, the lyrics speak to something we all can relate to: the elusiveness of finding that one true love.

Two remixes round out the package. One is from Australian sensation Jad & The Ladyboy. Already known for slamming tracks on Exploited and Toy Town, Jad’s rework here is a spaced out and bass-y trip; heavy on the psychedelic while never losing the song inside.

Snax has also teamed up with ex-Manhooker frontman Mavin LeMagass in launching their songwriting production duo BonomoLeMagass. Together their remix takes the groove to the basement, ramping up the space between the beats. The result is deeper than deep house, further complimented by Adam’s luscious vocalizing.

Lenny Fontana (Ministry Of Sound / Kult) - "I love the old school vibe."
Severino (Horse Meat Disco) - "Yes … great sound!"
Quarion (Drumpoet Community / Retreat) - "Very sweet house vibes with that undeniable powerhouse funk touch from Snax. The original and the BonomoLeMagass Basement Remix are my favorites."
Marques Wyatt (Deep L.A.) - "Flowing joint!"
Vincent Kwok - "Great track! I love the vocal on this."
Sarah Favouritizm - "I like the Jad & The Ladyboy remix … really nice and dreamy."
Booker T. (Kings Of Soul / Liquid Sessions) - "Wicked tune."
Distant People (Foliage / Seamless) - "I'm feeling the vocal on this … a tasty, laid-back, melodic house cut."
Manutek (Mix Collectors) - " I like the BonomoLeMagass remix which reminds me some good underground tracks from the '90s"
Michael Fossati (Spirit of House) - "The classy old skool piano-house inspired BonomoLeMagass remix is the one for me."
Tommy D Funk (Good For You Records / DJ Times) - "Absolutely on fire … a classic in the making!"

Available now from Beatport, Juno Download, iTunes, and Spotify.