Exclusive: Danced Til Midnight In The Mix

Formed in London by producer and DJ Andy Anderson, Danced Til Midnight joyfully transmit electronic sun-drenched grooves with clear undertones of eras gone past; an uplifting blend of old and new school funk and disco that's been getting loads of attention. The combo's latest single – "She Can't Love You" – is due out soon on the Thylacine Sounds and features a crucial remix by none other than Egyptian Lover.

To warm us up for the new release, Andy delivered a fantastic DJ mix that runs the gamut of sounds that inspire the Danced Til Midnight project, and includes a sneak peek at "She Can't Love You" and its remix. Here's what Andy told us about this mix:

his mix features selections that have become staples in my record bag over the 12 months, as well as a couple of new test pressings from the Danced Til Midnight camp. It is a mostly four-to-the-floor collection, but it does contain enough of the funk I'm known for (a regular DJ'ing tag team partner of mine heard a radio show I did recently and didn't think it could possibly be me as it was mostly house! My turntabling partner knew me as a funkateer, I guess I moonlight in different genres!). The flow of this mix I feel is rooted in my formative experiences of DJ'ing in bars and clubs for an entire evening. DJ'ing throughout the course of a whole night necessitates a number of dynamic shifts as an evening progresses and this philosophy is now hard-wired into my DJ sets. I always feel the need to build the dynamics of the music progressively rather than do a quick cut into another style, so that the flow of music becomes a journey – musically, emotively, and in terms of energy. There is quite a lot of disco in this mix and I find it takes up a sizable part of my record box when DJ'ing at the moment. I find it to be a good bridge between playing funk and house and when playing shorter sets disco is such immediate music; whether people recognize samples in the original records from modern house tracks or simply find it good for getting a party started.

Check out this fantastic mix:

Track list:

  1. Nightlife Unlimited – Do Me Tonight
  2. The Revenge – Cadillac
  3. People's Choice – Do It Any Way You Wanna
  4. BT Express – Express
  5. Danced Til Midnight – More Of Love (Faze Action Remix)
  6. Sharon Brown – I Specialise In Love
  7. Cleo & Patra - Pharaoh Love
  8. Minnie Riperton and Jose Feliciano – Light My Fire
  9. Lyn Collins – Rock Me Again and Again
  10. Labelle – Messin With my Mind
  11. Fuselage - Afro Disco Boogie Remix
  12. JV – Edit Channel XXX
  13. NAD - Join The Fookin Party!
  14. Jimmy Bo Horne – Spank (Instrumental)
  15. Dynamix II – Just Give The DJ A Break
  16. Danced Til Midnight – She Can't Love You (Egyptian Lover Remix)
  17. Egyptian Lover – Egypt, Egypt
  18. Ralphi Rosario - You Used To Hold Me (Kenny's Mix)
  19. Danced Til Midnight – She Can't Love You (Original Version)
  20. Jerry Ropero and Denis The Menace - Fuck U
  21. Inner City - Good Life (Jaques Da Booty Remix)
  22. Les Visiteurs - Snoops Acid Drop
  23. The Chemical Brothers - Life Is Sweet (Daft Punk Remix)
  24. Banana Kru – Automatic
  25. My Cousin Roy– Make It Yourself
  26. Phreek – Weekend
  27. Taana Gardner - Work That Body
  28. Dinosaur L – Go Bang! #5 (FRANCOIS K. MIX)
  29. Nightlife Unlimited – Peaches and Prunes
  30. Roy Ayers - Get On Up Get On Down (Joey Negro Revibe)
  31. Danced Til Midnight – Sun Bleach

Danced Til Midnight's "She Can't Love You" is out on February 10 via Thylacine Sounds. Here's a SoundCloud preview: