DJ Mix: Chris Fortier Live at The Basement

Atnarko's Viva Recordings single "This Feeling" has been remixed by Chris Fortier under his Approved Electronic Device moniker, taking the tune down a deep, tribal path and eliciting many late night DJ set inclusions. One of those sets is this recent one from Chris Fortier himself, recorded live and featuring his remix at the mid-point. Have a listen and check out Chris's thoughts at the bottom of the page:

Track List:

  1. Ability II - Pressure (Luca Lozano Remix) (Major Problems)
  2. Sossa - Dust (Mobius Strum Remix) (Chronovision)
  3. Kevin Yost - Message Of Peace (i Records)
  4. Ananda Project - Free Me (Doug Gomez Merecumbe Soul Drumz Mix) (Nite Grooves)
  5. 3lias & Ali Ajami - Audio Culture (John Debo Remix) (Mindwarp)
  6. Aniie - Desert God (Kimball Collins & Rudiment Remix) (Magician On Duty)
  7. Atnarko - This Feeling (Chris Fortier Remix) (Viva Recordings)
  8. atish - Peculiar Colors (Dance Spirit Remix) (Manjumasi)
  9. Jay Tripwire - Down With The System (promo)
  10. Cosmonauts - Ramble (LNOE)
  11. Depeche Mode - Where's the Revolution (Patrice Baumel Remix) (Columbia)
  12. BOg - 0901 (Bedrock)
  13. Approved Electronic Device – Sleight Of Hand (unsigned promo)

Chris Fortier on this DJ mix: "This is a recording of a recent gig. It's the first hour of a set that builds over three hours. I am always trying to showcase the best new music and sounds that I can, trying to inspire the dance floor and myself. There are a lot of cool tracks from artists that are fairly new as well as ones that have been staples in my sets for 20 years, like Kevin Yost and Ananda Project. The first record is a new remix of an early '90s techno classic. In the mix is a track from my first DJ inspiration, Kimball Collins, who is back to making music again in the last year and really smashing it with his partner Rudiment. Also, there's John Debo remixing things up from his Mindwarp label with his delicate touch, and so much more. Hope those that listen will get a taste of this night and find themselves getting locked into the groove."

On his AED project: "Approved Electronic Device – or AED as it is sometimes known – happened a bit by chance. After a remix under that name caught on I decided to expand on it and do a full EP as AED. It did well with DJs and press, so from there I knew I was on to something and, at the core, I dug the name. The sound is on the deeper and dubbier side of house … I have made tracks and remixes similar under my own name in years past, so it isn't anything like a new sound, but more like a fresh artist start to see where it can take me."

On Atnarko: "I have known Atnarko for 20 years now, I think. We were both in Orlando and he was making breakbeat-oriented tracks under another name. He shifted away from breaks and made his first four-on-the-floor track which I ended up signing to Fade. I was always impressed with his tracks and also that he was carving out his own sound in Orlando. My remix of "This Feeling" is part of our continuing relationship, in work and friendship. Kindred spirits, I guess."

Atnarko - This Feeling (Approved Electronic Device Remixes) is out now on Viva Recordings. Check it out HERE.