Camilla Luna - Lost & Found (Cymasonic)

Digging through the archives of one of its most enigmatic artistic figures, Cymasonic have stumbled across an album that’s been hiding in plain sight for the last eleven years. Camilla Luna’s Lost & Found, is exactly as the title suggests, a collection of musical rarities, reimagined in an album where Cymasonic have breathed new life to these undiscovered gems. It features some of the last work Camilla Luna and production partner BHLB might create together, and something of a ‘rescue mission’ for the label, who feared that these tracks might get lost permanently like so many before them, unless they intervened.

Lost & Found is a body of work that consolidates the past, the present, and the future for Camilla Luna as one artistic entity. The shy, reclusive singer catalogues eleven years worth of songs and ideas into a singular body of work with the help of the anonymous BHLB, a mysterious entity in his own right. Re-imagining these scattered moments in a single album has given them a distinct voice in this new context, the tracks finding an unlikely contemporary relationship to each other.

Camilla Luna’s raspy, enigmatic vocals bite and tear at lyrics flirting with concepts of love, friendship, and the realities of a life as a musician, with the technical intent of jazz and the passion of R&B. Finding a happy equilibrium somewhere between Erykah Badu and TLC’s T-Boz, Camilla’s vocals on Lost & Found engage at a literal level, where she draws you into the murky nether world of BHLB’s music. Bold, creeping synth movements orchestrated around restrained beats find that perfect balance between contrast and harmony with Luna’s vocals defining a sound for the creative duo’s extensive career together.

More on Camilla:

Camilla Luna is the versatile voice behind some of the most significant EPs and singles from the Norwegian clubbing world with releases on the likes of Bpitch Control, Eskimo, Bogota, and Cymawax. Born Camilla Molvær Vazquez she is a Norwegian/Uruguayan songstress who was later dubbed Luna, in the Charrúa way by her Uruguayan father. Traversing the worlds of soul, jazz, and R&B through a singular artistic identity, she works comfortably within electronic soundscapes with her strong natural Latin influences often coming to the fore. Hers is a sound that errs on the side of raw, futuristic, wonky, and bumpy with clear references to ’80s funk and hip hop.

Camilla has worked closely with producer BHLB aka Baz (Streetology Studios) since 2006, and although they brought 2016’s seminal Open Up EP to the world, their work together has remained largely hidden with many gems still awaiting release. Some of her previous Camilla’s previous efforts include music on WahWah 45s, People Love Music, and Echorek Records, and she continues to work with established artists like Trulz & Robin, Usmev, and Arildo. Camilla Luna is singular voice for Norwegian club music and beyond.

Azaxx (Tru Thoughts) – “Amazing voice and very inspired musical layout. One of the most exiting things I've heard recently.”
Mr. Bristow (Subtek / Detox) – “Excellent. Really soulful.”
Kid Loco (Flor) – “Great mood. Red Handed is amazing!”
Rory Hoy (Howlin’ Records) – “Amazing album. Reminds me of Macy Gray and Erykah Badu.”
DJ Wash (Funk The System) – “Listened to 2 tracks and that was enough to say that this release is fire!”
Andy (Scandanavian Soul) – “Deep, sensual beats and tones draw you in like a light in the woods. Dark yet hauntingly infectious.”
Simon Harrison (Basic Soul radio show) – “It's been a long time coming but I'm glad Camilla & Baz are back! Lovely vocals and proper heavy weight beats.”
MadameFLY (mmRadio) – “Amazing collection. The ‘sultry’ is on overdrive and this is amazing.”
DJ Osric (Black and Blue Show) – “I’ve listened to this about 4 times now and it gets more enjoyable with each listen.”
Jon Fugler (XLNT radio show / Fluke) – “Weirdly wonderful & strangely hypnotic. I’m really enjoying this.”

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