Ursula 1000 - Chess King EP (Insect Queen Music)

Time travel with Ursula 1000 to the mythical land of parachute pants, sock ties, and oversized shopping malls. This is Galleria, the title of the latest Ursula 1000 album on Insect Queen Records, and its body-popping’ new single “Chess King.” The retro-future is here, complete with arpeggiated dance grooves, swirling pads, punchy bass lines, and catchy vocal snatches that are tailor-made for a montage scene lifted from your favorite ‘80s movie. The neon synth-wave revival carries on through top notch remixes by Poland’s Holiday 80, hot electro-pop duo E1sbar, Little Disco’s KLM, and Seattle’s Fallen Fronds. Put on your flip-pop sunglasses and freeze like a mannequin … Ursula 1000’s “Chess King” is the latest stop in the Galleria.

Tensnake (Mirau) – “Nice disco feeling here. Love it!”
Chris Massey (Paper Recordings) – “All of the remixes are strong, but the original tops it for me!”
Belabouche (Midnight Riot) – “The E1sbar remix is super nice.”
Sumsuch (Colour and Pitch) – “Holiday 80 for the win!”
BadboE (Breakbeat Paradise) – “Nice EP. Ursula 1000 always delivers. Nice remixes too.”
Jakob Stoller (Audiolager) – “Wow! This is really great! The remixes are marvelous. It’s difficult to say which one I would prefer as it relates to the context, but all of them are a must play.”
Kosta (Vibe FM) – “Spectacular!”
Dr. Best (Radio Z) – “The remixes by Fallen Fronds and E1sbar are my favorites here.”
Zach Van Lue (91X) – “Sick! Ursula 1000 can do no wrong.”
Trotter (Royal Soul Records) – “Killer remix from E1sbar!”
Jon Fugler (XLNT radio show) – “Catching the vibes of the era nicely there.”

Available Now From: Beatport, Traxsource, Spotify, And iTunes.