Alistair Gillespie & Alex Deep - Good Ol’ Days (Gooseneck Records)

For the first time on Gooseneck Records, producers Alistair Gillespie and Alex Deep come together for the introspective, deep track “Good Ol’ Days.” After their recent debut release as a production duo on Crossworld Records (and Alex’s own recordings on the likes of Pure Substance, Stab Recordings, and, of course, Gooseneck), this release maintains their personal take on deep and spacey indie-influenced house music sounds. The original “Good Ol’ Days” is a creeping mid-tempo four-on-the-floor weapon with persistent low end, a dreamy vocal hook, and a deliciously dubbed-out mid-section aiming to keep the dance-floor mesmerized. A simple yet effective combination of retro-style bass, percussion, and a hypnotically filtered sax line is sure to please all ears. There’s also a Sax Edit that brings the uplifting horn melody to the fore.

An expressive track like “Good Ol’ Days” certainly deserves varied remix treatments. After the recent success of his “In My Heart" single on Fresh Cream Records, Thomas De Lorenzo returns to Gooseneck with his own nu-disco-influenced take that shifts the emphasis to a powerful bass, the repeating vocal hook, and a rhythmic funk guitar. Los Angeles producer Ram Sampath next creates a bouncy mix with uplifting piano chords, chopped up sax, and tech-house inspired rhythms that build to a satisfying climax. The Cologne, Germany based Frank Sebastian takes things deeper with a chugging mix that is driven by warm pads, acoustic bass accents, and highlights the wistfulness of the vocal line. Chicago’s Rick Drako then gives a classic-sounding warehouse-style house treatment that does his city proud, and rising Chilean DJ/producer Marcelo Vak (WhoBear, Suma) provides a rousing, peak-time straight ahead house version to close out the single. “Good Ol’ Days” from Gooseneck Records is jam-packed and ready for nightclub action.

Giom (Lost My Dog) - “Liking the Thomas De Lorenzo mix for the club and the production on the Frank Sebastien version.”
Makossa & Megablast - “Solid stuff.”
Alexi Delano - “The Frank Sebastian remix is nice!”
Vincent Kwok - “Good funky remix from Thomas De Lorenzo!”
Murray Richardson - “Ram Sampath remix is the one for me.”
Nick Holder - “Feeling it! Frank Sebastian’s remix is dope.”
DJ Nutritious (Brooklyn Shakedown) - “Nice single. Invokes the spirit of unity and that’s always a plus. Really diggin’ a few of the mixes here and will certainly be playing a few of them out and about!”
Joey Silvero (Distant People) - “Very, very smooth sound. Thomas De Lorenzo takes this on a cool, laid back ride. Frank Sebastian also delivers the goods.”
Bobi (Global Movement Radio Show) - “Fantastic. Loving the saxophone. The Sax Edit and the Thomas De Lorenzo remix get the job done without a doubt. Tune!”
Steve Zelenka (Streetnoise! Radio Show) - ” Love the bass sound, fret squeaks and all!”
Al Bradley (3am Recordings) - “Some very cool grooves on this release. The original is very strong and the Marcelo Vak version also stands out. But the one for me is Frank Sebastian’s version … really wicked deep flowing house. Top stuff.”
Rick Preston - “The Marcelo Vak Remix is slammin’!”
Eddie Spettro - “Thomas De Lorenzo Remix FTW! Love it”

Available now from Beatport.