Bahia Deluxe - Pliiing! (Cold Busted)

Hailing from a Balearic island off of Spain that is not Ibiza, the Mallorca man known as Bahia Deluxe delivers the album Pliiing! for the Cold Busted label. Ripe with percussion and plenty of strings picked from his tropical surroundings of white sand beaches, sunsets, and island music influences, the release is a low hanging, juicy fruit for any DJ who likes beats on the downtempo side, heavy with vibes. Highlights include the Latin-Caribbean dance floor shout out of “Caribbean Connexion,” kicking things off in a flare of energy. “Flangareens”, along with “Leaving Together” and “Sleepers”, show the more relaxed side of the album. “Illetes” uses bells and an angelic choir stabs to imply that if there is a heaven on earth, it’s probably an island. The title track brings back the guitars that figure prominently throughout Pliiing!, but this time with more swing, added electronic effects, and organs. Combined these beats make up a package that can be labeled all-natural in feeling and sound, for those who live in sunny breezy paradises or the less fortunate who do in daydreams.

Jose Padilla - “OK, this is super nice.”
Nick Warren - “Cool, indeed. Full support.”
Quincy Jointz - “Wow, another awesome release on Cold Busted. It seems like this label is becoming one of my favorites this year.”
All Good Funk Alliance - “Some nice downtempo here.”
Kid Loco - “Cool stuff, great beats.”
Stickybuds (Goodgroove / Baffin Island) - “Rad downtempo!”
Basement Freaks - “Loving it from the first seconds.”
Black Mighty Wax (Irma Records) - “Downtempo grooves with great energy. I’ll play most of these tracks. Nice one!”
Stereo 77 (Research Deluxe / Filtered Sunshine) - “This is dope, very well made.”
DJ Chicken George - “Solid!”
DJ Naz (Buddha Bar) - “This is really nice … unmistakably Balearic, almost like ibiza house slowed down. Perfect for kicking back and relaxing … a very nice trip.”
Doc Proof (Funkanomics) - “Damn funky … dope release!”
Mark Reynolds (Just Chillin Radio Show) - “Lovely sunshine beats … makes you want to fly somewhere sunnier.”
Mojo Rising (Cold Busted) - “Groovy laid back vibes supported by big beats. Works for me.”
Brandon Bass (Hub City Music) - “Once again Cold Busted coming through with the freshness! I’m loving the beachy vibe of ‘Flangareens.’”
Deadbeat Disco Radio Show - “Another excellent Cold Busted release. We’re really feeling ‘Illetes’ and the strings-led ‘Leaving Together.’ The reverse action on ‘Sleepers’ is wicked, too … kind of like a Balearic version of Stone Roses ‘Don’t Stop’ (sort of…) with its backwards riffs. Top stuff!”
Clairvo (Tilos Radio, Hungary) - “Dope! Digging! Loving! Playing!”

Available now from Beatport and The Cold Busted Shop.