Rey Aguilar - By All Means (bodytalk)

The bodytalk label, founded in Austin, Texas by Rey Aguilar and Joel Salas Jr., presents its debut single, “By All Means.” Produced by the aforementioned Rey Aguilar, “By All Means” is feel-good house music reminiscent of a sunny Monday afternoon at Ibiza’s infamous DC–10. It features a timeless organ bass line and a sultry vocal, and comes laced with sensory percussion speaking to the bodies on the dance floor. The first remix comes in two ‘re-envisions’ from renowned Orlando-based DJ and Fade Records proprietor Chris Fortier. The original’s organ is emphasized in a forthright single note frenzy with wicked snares topping off stuttered kicks and unforgiving deep sub frequencies. Fortier’s second mix is an ‘organ-less’ version that offers more room to breathe. The final remix comes by way of the Stranjurr Imprint’s very own Chris Luzz who dives deeper, using pads to create the needed space for a jacking bass riff. “By All Means” a necessary new single.

Atnarko - “Nice one … Chris Fortier is banging it!”
CJ Mackintosh - “The original is nice.”
Hippie Torrales - “Nice old school feel.”
Tom Conrad (Adaptation Music) - “The original mix with its early ’90s vibe will be a sure-fire hit on the dance floor.”
Al Bradley (3am Recordings) - “I’m liking the Chris Luzz remix here … nice bouncy bass groove.”
Louis Hughes (6th Sense Music) - “Classic groove and big sounds. Liking this a lot!”
Michael Fossati (Spirit of House) - “What a truly mesmerizing slice of late-night deepness by Chris Luzz.”
Norbert Borchers (House Sound of Hamburg) - “Damn - whats this? Very kicking ‘90s house sounds!“
LavaLava (SubCity Radio, Glasgow) - ”Big vibes on this! The Chris Luzz remix is great but I absolutely love the title cut … a total peak-time track.“
Bogdan Taran (Dance Box Radio Show, Latvia) - ”Lovely, clubby organ chords and house vibe.“
Joey Silvero (Distant People) - ”Cool throw back style … I’m always a sucker for this vibe. Chris Luzz also brings a slammin’ mix.”
DJ Lolly (Freek FM / Ruff Diamond) - “All the tracks here are fire. Big.”
CheckPoint Charlie (MyCuppaT) - “Old school vibes with a lovely modern, heavy bass twist. Very playable!”
Velanche (Velanche’s Playtime Radio Show) - “A very good single. I really enjoyed the original, and Chris Fortier’s mix just smashes it. I can’t wait to blend his remix in!”
DJ Nova (Rodon FM, Greece) - “I can’t say ‘no’ to the percussive club sound of the original but it’s the tight rhythm and classic deep underground power of the Chris Luzz remix that I need the most of here.”

Available now from Beatport and Juno Download.