Dennis Jr. - Get Me All The Way / Multefunk (Akustikk Recordings)

Introducing Norway’s Akustikk Recordings, a label focusing on up-and-coming “nu disco” producer Dennis Jr. Previously an artist for the cult favorite Jazid Collective label Dennis Jr. has a number of releases on Akustikk, including collaborations with vocalist Christabelle, best known for her work with Lindstrøm on his latest album.

Here Dennis Jr. presents two back-to-back singles to close out 2010. The slinky “Get Me All The Way" is provocative future-disco featuring Dennis Jr.’s breathy, catchy vocal, some dueling analog synths, and a low riding tempo for maximum grooviness. "Multefunk" basks in its intended spaciness, filled with exotic vocal hits, dubbed out sections, persuasive percussion, and an irresistibly sexy interplay between the bass line and the rhythm. Alternate versions of both tracks are handily available, including dubs and instrumentals. These singles make up a top notch pair of forward-thinking disco packages suited for late night cruising or as memorable additions to the sets of ‘DJs in the know.’

Selected DJ Feedback: 
Tom Findlay (Groove Armada) - "A great sound.The dub of Get Me All The Way is a fave." 
Chris Duckenfield (Swag) - "Squidgy synth-outs a go-go!" 
DJ Rocca (Ajello) - "Great stuff. Dub meets P-Funk on acid … I love it!"  
Pete Herbert (Reverso 68) - "Wow … I remember Dennis from back in the day! The Jazid years … great fun. Nice to hear some new gear from Junior. It’s sounding great!" 
Justin Robertson - "Great! I love it." 
Q-Burns Abstract Message - "Delicious dubbed out vibes abound mixed with a welcome bit of melody and a slightly ominous undertone. Lovely." 
Joshua Heath (Golden State Recordings) - "Dirty twisted funky midtempo funk!" 
Anthony Mansfield (Hector Works) - "Great production and perfect for those sleazy late night moments." 
ALTZ (Bear Funk/DFA) - ”It`s a modern machine funk with an 80`s feeling.” 
Mystic Rock (This Is Not An Exit) - "This is BAD-ASS! Nu-disco that doesn’t leave me yawning! Very very funky." 
Cage & Aviary (DFA/The Walls Have Ears) - "Pretty interesting stuff. Mad percolated rhythms and wonky funk."

Available now from The Akustikk Store / Bandcamp / Juno Records