Groove Junkies & DJ Dealer ft. Chezere - My Day Has Come (MoreHouse Records)

There has always been a mutual respect between Groove Junkies founding member Evan Landes (who holds things down in Los Angeles) and Pound Boy/Juke Joint founder DJ Dealer (who now runs shop out of Chicago). They’ve collectively put out over 150 releases throughout the years on their own highly regarded labels and have worked with or remixed some of the biggest artists on the planet. Artists like Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Rihanna, Usher, Pussycat Dolls, Leela James, Frankie Knuckles, Joi Cardwell, Lisa Millett, Deborah Cox, Dajae, Byron Stingily, Brandy, Yolanda Adams, Ben Watt, Kim English and Sandy Rivera have all received the midas touch from the ‘Junk Man & The Dealer’. The two highly regarded veterans have performed on some of the biggest stages around the world and alongside the biggest names in the biz. When the idea to explore a collaboration came up the two guys jumped at the opportunity. The only issue was where to start. That was settled quickly when Dealer let the Junk Man hear an insane drum track called “Hungry” that Dealer put out in 2009. With limited promotion it received massive support from the likes of Roger Sanchez and Copyright among others. The only thing missing now was a song and a singer. With Dealer’s drums locked and loaded Evan’s mission was simple: find a great vocalist and write a song that would not only compliment the existing foundation but take things to a whole new level.

Enter Chezere:
French Vogue Magazine once quoted, “If Lenny Kravitz and Nenah Cherry had a child, she’d be called Chezere and she’d put her parents to shame!” Chezere is one of only a few artists who appeal to a mass and varied audience which is reflected through the diverse musical styles released under her name. One moment she’s doing a killer dance track with ‘House’ dons such as Roy Davis Jr and Mark Grant and then it’s acid jazz with UFO and Urban Species. Just when you think you’ve got her figured out she next hits you with a soaring vocal on a drum & bass track. Introduced by a mutual friend, Chez and Evan linked up in L.A. to write and put a top on the now infamous drums. It was a very interesting creative process considering there was absolutely zero chord structure or melodic confines to write to. This was the first time either one had written this way but after three or four sessions “Hungry” had morphed itself into a full blown song and “My Day Has Come" was born.

With lyrics and melody in place it was time for Dealer and Evan to add their production magic to their respective mixes. Considering the drums provided the inspiration for the project they are featured prominently in each mix. The 5 incredible mixes give the DJ plenty to work with and as a bonus the Destroyer Mix of “Hungry” is also included in the package. PLAY IT LOUD & ENJOY!!!

Selected DJ Feedback:
Tony Humphries - "Very hyped, fun vocal!  Full support!"
Glenn Underground - "Very nice and will be a hit, and will mos def move a dance floor."
ATFC - "Like this … will support."
Groove Assassin - "Bangin’ set of mixes to boot! Full support on these bad boy."
DJ Sneak - "Destroyer Mix is the one for me."
Stonebridge - "Man, this s**t bops so I can’t sit still … love it! All mixes are great, too."
Franck Roger - "Nice tool to work with."
Nathan G - "I like the stripped-back drums of Hungry. Epic!"
Joey Silvero (Distant People) - "I really like the Groove Junkies original version. It’s something really different from them, really solid heavy weight sounds."
Martin Ikin (Soul Purpose) - "Lovin’ the Destroyer Mix … Heavy!"
Tyree Cooper - "I always like this label so it’s a no brainer. I’m feelin’ the original mix."
Booker T - "Big tune, big room tings … feelin’ this."
Lego - "Love the energy from this track!"

Also being supported by Bad Boy Bill, Roger Sanchez, Mr. V, Larry Tee, Rocco, Andy Ward (Soul Central), Robert Owens, Femi Fem, Master Kev, Andre Harris, Shane D, Hector Romero, RedSoul, and more.

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