Hawke - Everything Is Happening At The Same Time (Eighth Dimension Records)

Hawke swoops down from the perch of his recent album +++ to release another solid remix package on Eighth Dimension. Two tracks from that album are represented: the feel-good electronica anthem “Everything Is Happening At The Same Time" and the slinky, reggae-infused "Inside Job.” An all-star cast of Q-Burns Abstract MessageTal M. KleinAtnarko, and Gavin Hardkiss himself provide the steady stream of top notch remixes.

Everything is Happening At The Same Time" has gained oodles of notoriety after its use as the soundtrack to the Coachella time-lapse video featured on popular mutant culture blog Boing Boing (click HERE to see it). Q-Burns Abstract Message flicks the memory switch with his remix of the track, attempting to capture the feel of an early 90’s indie-dance remix fused with contemporary antics. It’s a nice dose of “heavy Balearica” as Q-BAM rides his MIDI-equipped surfboard into the sunset. Atnarko, coming off recent successes for Lazy Days and Onethirty, deeply dubs out the song, covering it in a seductively hypnotic sheen. After-hours DJs take note. Finally, Gavin Hardkiss, proprietor of the Hawke alias, crafts his own take stripping “Everything” down to rhythm and melody while adding more than a few new delightful bits and splashes.

Inside Job" is also revisited, with Aniligital Music’s Tal M. Klein transforming the original’s trepidation skank into a lush and cosmic undersea excursion. Endlessly chiming guitars and haunting vocal snippets invite the listener like a siren’s song leading to a cozy and warm envelope of sound. We wager it may be the most beautiful thing you hear this week … or ever …

Available now from Juno Download and Beatport