Destronauts - High Tides / Lunar Temple (Honeywax Records)

Brooklyn-based imprint Honeywax Records presents the latest single from Destronauts containing the cinematically titled “HIgh Tides” and “Lunar Temple.” Destronauts draw on a long history of DJ’ing, specializing in ‘liquid’ drum n’ bass and headier house music sounds with DC’s renowned 2Tuff crew and residencies with Eighteenth Street Lounge in the beginning of the last decade. After a move to Italy, and then a final relocation to Brooklyn, Destronauts officially formed as a duo exploring spacier electronic and indie rock sounds before settling on a cosmic, disco-inspired house style as a solo project. Destronauts can be defined by, through the project’s own words, “lush pads, deep stabs, pulsing kicks, old sounds, 808’s, and a steady beat that pushes through the night.” The two tracks within this single satisfyingly fill the brief, led by “High Tides” with its dark rhythmic synth pushing the track at a gentle throb to melodic arpeggiations and an understated lead line. Late night tales, here. “Lunar Temple” follows, evoking the mystery of its name through a shimmering, sustained pad, strange whispers and echo effects, and a bold, commanding bass line. A warm 808 kick and shuffling hi-hats keep the rhythm moving forward throughout the cut’s deftly executed evolution. Prime stuff here from Destronauts, nominating the project for a place among the more cosmic house music acts.

Sunshine Jones (Dubtribe) - “Heady and beautiful.”
Dr. Dunks (Still Going) - “Awesome!”
DJ Rocca (Ajello) - “Very nice abstract, deep tech house … reminds me old Carl Craig stuff.”
Hippie Torrales - “Nice atmosphere.”
Chrissy Murderbot (Planet Mu / Loose Squares) - “Really loving ‘Lunar Temple!’”“
Makossa & Megablast - ”Great stuff.“
DJ Schwa (Shades Of Gray) - ”Excellent laid back and deep music!“
Severino (Horse Meat Disco) - ”Super spacey.“
Cosmo Vitelli - ”I love ‘Lunar Temple.’“
Alexi Delano - ”Nice one.“
Will SumSuch (DeepWit / Etoka) - ”‘Lunar Temple’ has got me dancin’ in outer space. Proper!“
Ant Plate (Rhythm Plate / YSE) - ”Proper DDDDEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEPPP!“
Stereo 77 - ”Fantastic! I need to hear more from Destronauts.“
Paul Corey (Cacophonous Bling) - ”Hurtling off to the outer limits. A nice pair of solar odes.“
Michael Fossati (Spirit Of House) - ”Amazing late night tunes guaranteed to cause a stir with those mesmerizing melodies.“
Ben Monk (Disco Deviant) - ”‘Lunar Temple’ all the way here. Spacey, hypnotic, and unrelenting. Deep sh*t!“
QuestionmarQ (Red FM, Ireland) - ”I love this. It reminds me of some old Angel Moraes tracks.“
DJ Nova (Rodon FM, Greece) - ”Deep house meets cosmic disco, intergalactic soundscapes and vintage atmosphere on both tracks.”

Available now from Juno Download and Beatport.