[sic] - Protect and Serve (mu-sic)

Dan Jeffries, aka [sic], is a prolific Bristol, UK based DJ and producer. [sic] has had previous releases on Slime, Re:Sound and Aux Technology, and recently set up the mu-sic imprint dedicated to showcasing his productions and the remix talents of producers from around the world. The third release on mu-sic finds [sic] reaching deeper dance floor territory with the subtle-yet-menacing tech-house track “Protect And Serve.”

“Protect And Serve” features a deliciously hooky bass line fighting it out with delayed percussion hits, vocal stabs, and the ever creeping menace of police sirens, leading up to an almighty breakdown filled with the sounds of rioting, smashed glass, and the call for the police! [sic] masterfully keeps things in control as “Protect And Serve” never gets aggressive or unsettling, instead mining these elements for ideal late night-dance floor action.

On remix duty is Swedish born producer Materia. Materia has really been going places of late, collaborating with Hakan Lidbo for PR Records and seeing his track “Response” make it on to Carl Cox’s 10 Years of Space Ibiza album. Materia’s rework of “Protect And Serve” takes things somewhat deeper than the original, with tight, bassy rhythms, blissed-out dub-delays, crisp ride effects, and subtle nods to the social chaos of the original.

Nick Warren - “Two great mixes. Excellent stuff from a fellow Bristolian.”
Chris Fortier - “Solid.”
Orde Meikle (Slam / Soma) - “Liking these tracks … will spin.”
Mark Pledger - “Superb! Loving this track.”
Noah Pred - “Enjoying the remix.”
Joey Silvero (Distant People) - “Mysterious kind of feel to this … good for late night action. Hypnotic.”
Sonic Union - “Really dig Materia’s stripped back bouncy remix. The original feels solid as well.”
Louk (Compulzion / Druck) - “Warm and deep … nice.”
Chris Udoh (Tigerhook) - “It’s a banger!”
DK Watts (Short Bus Kids) - “Crazy good! The original has the energy that moves a dance floor. The remix drugs it up a bit but still has that needed edge.”
Malbetrieb (Klopfgeist / Paradigm) - “Nice!”
Andrew Duke (Cognition Audioworks) - “Both are superb, but diggin’ the slinky vibes of the Materia mix most.”
D-Sens - “Both mixes are really cool but my pick is the original.”
Joshua Jacobs (Music You Need blog) - “Dirty, groovy tunes from [sic] with a deep bass line and dark synths. Great listen.”

Available now from Juno Download and Beatport.