Funk Mediterraneo - Sexy Shop (Boogie Basics)

Boogie Basics is a respected house music label operating out of Los Angeles that aims to collaborate with both established scene veterans and promising young guns, often within a single release. For this latest, eighteenth issue Boogie Basics reaches out to the southern coast of Italy to hook up with the duo known as Funk Mediterraneo. The two DJs that make up this act, Carlos and Rosario, have been DJ’ing together for fifteen years, with differing tastes and styles that end up perfectly complimenting each other. With previous releases on the likes of Blockhead, Hub City, Phobic, and Boogie Basics the pair have become an established name in the deep and jackin’ house scenes. Here they present “Sexy Shop,” a track with a hypnotic after-hours feel and a few sonic surprises. A persistent house rhythm and a low bump keep the pace as a spacey female voice intones on the beat. The ride is occasionally broken only for a moment by a curious arcade melody, sure to elicit reaction from the dance floor.

Two separate remixers have come on board to tackle “Sexy Shop” with their own identifiable styles. First up is the legendary Joshua Iz, whose storied history with the likes of Prescription, Classic Music Company, and his own Vizual Music label is well known by DJs around the globe. His Like That Mix displays the explosive beats, intoxicating bass bounce, and floating chord play that we’ve come to expect. Not content with one version, Joshua Iz also provides the Vizual Mix with ramps up the rhythm section for a chunkier feel. As if that wasn’t enough, Joshua Iz also gives a sparse Vizual Beats version to act as a necessary tool in the DJ’s set. Finally, Dub Mechanics comes on board for his own high-charged remix. With a slew of releases for labels like Revv Shop Recordings,, and GF Recordings, Scott G., AKA Dub Mechanics, brings his production know-how to a peak time version of “Sexy Shop” that effectively draws on bigger room house sounds.

Jason Hodges - “Sick track … IZ takes it to the next level with his remix!” 
Nutritious - “Nice single! Every mix here is playable and tastefully done. Diggin it!”
Joey Silvero (Distant People) - “The bass does some damage in that IZ mix!”
Doc Link - “Nice! Will be rocking this …”
Tommy Largo (Lost My Dog) - “Great EP! IZ mixes for me.”
Al Bradley (Audiotonic / 3am Recordings) - “Strong stuff all round, but the ones for me are Joshua’s quality vibes - ever consistent, his remixes here are really outstanding. The Dub Mechanics version is also excellent.”
Rick Preston - “Both of Joshua’s mixes are amazing!”
Rob Pearson (Evasive Records) - “Smash bang wallop … lovely stuff!”

Also supported by Orde Meikle (Slam), DJ Three, Justin Harris (Freaks), Atnarko, Inland Knights, Chris Carrier, Onionz, Murray Richardson, DJ Harri (Sub Club),  Nacho Marco, and Merlyn Martin

Available from Juno Download and Beatport.