Little Fish aka DJ DD feat. Suellen - All Goes Quiet (Discotheque Recordings)

To kick off 2012, Brazil’s Discotheque Recordings presents a new deep house single from Little Fish AKA DJ DD titled “All Goes Quiet,” featuring the vocals of Sao Paulo based singer Suellen. The original is an evocative piece of house music, drawing upon deep, percussive elements as well as pronounced 80’s influences in the synth work and vocal stylings. The combination creates a unique sound that should set it apart within a crowded DJ set. A dub of the original focused on the percussive elements, with bits of vocals filtering in and out, for an expressive and effective after-hours treatment. The first remix finds the Azee Project, led by Alexandre Zee of the Brazilian Soul Crew. taking things even deeper and into an exotic, Latin-tinged realm with his Afrokalimba Mix. The vocals glide above understated percussion, a steady bass line, and building synths as a jazzy vibraphone sound plays an addictive lead. Next up, Discotheque label don Marcelo Medeiros revs up the tempo for his Space Version, leaving the vocal hook of the song’s title intact while driving it with pulsing strings and a bustling low end.

About the artists:

When Daniel (DJ DD) decided to buy a used sound system to organize a friend’s party instead of renting it, he couldn’t have imagined he was buying his ticket to the electronic dance music scene. Born in the south of Brazil and DJing since the age of 14 - now 33 years old and based in São Paulo - Daniel quickly passed through many music styles to find house music and make it his specialty. Since then, DJ DD has traveled the world and produced many recordings, proving himself a true ambassador of the Brazilian way of house music.

Known for expertly programmed DJ sets that travel through the styles of house music, Marcelo Medeiros reveals his long career as broadcaster and manager on many different radio stations. This has given Medeiros an exposure to sounds and techniques that work as his base of inspiration. Today, Marcelo Medeiros is a leading house music name in Curitiba, a major city in Southern Brazil. He devotes most of his time coordinating a group of four radio stations, remixing in the studio, and taking care of his successful projects, and Discotheque Recordings.

Alexandre Zee is Azee Project, a producer based in Taubaté, Brazil and member of the renowned Brazilian Soul Crew. He’s regarded as one of the more innovative house music artists in Brazil, with many productions influenced by Brazilian and African music mixed soulful and jazzy house grooves.

King Britt - “I really love this label….. this is sexy as mmmph!”
Chuck Love - “The Dub is deep and chuggy, with extra clangy goodness from a rusty DX-7. Love it!”
Robert Owens - “Great track.”
Master Kev - “The Azee Project mix is really hot … will play!”
Abicah Soul - “Supporting! The original mix is a nice opener for classy folks.”
Christos Kedras (Kapa Music) - “Feeling the Azee Project Afrokalimba Mix. Loving the organic sound.”
Groove Junkies - “Feeling the dub. Moody, atmospheric, and on point.”
Gareth Morgan (Blues & Soul Magazine) - “The Azee Project Afrokalimba mix has fantastic drums and synth pads. It builds really well and is very mellow. Those xylophones are amazing, too They remind me of the Henrik Schwarz mix of Coldcut’s ‘Walk a Mile in My Shoes.’”
DJ Nova (Rodon FM, Greece) - ” The Azee Project Afrokalimba Mix here is magic. I love the deep build, the afro-beat philosophy, its beautiful pads and keys.” 

Available now from Juno Download and Beatport.