Geiger and Lafelt - Walking In The Rain EP (Nylon Trax)

Nylon Trax’s newest release pairs the Michigan-based DJ Nigel One (aka Nigel Geiger, Intimate Venues Recordings) with the west coast’s Marques LaFelt for the abstract deep house of the Walking In The Rain EP. Together as Geiger and Lafelt, they step out into the crosswalk between them to present four tracks of raw, atmospheric house music with a touch of that exotic, soulful Nylon Trax vibe. The EP’s title track starts things off with a springy kick. Deep pads connected by a subtle string introduce shimmering bells, cymbals, and tambourines that rustle about, sometimes in reverse. A sliding bass guitar creates consistent groove, joined by flutes and bongos later in the track. The suggestively titled “Midnight Drive” travels through dreamy territory with dusty synths and xylophone flutters. The gears are turned by a distorted kick, snappy snares, and a bass line with plenty of midrange. “We Can Talk” is a conversation with filters. The synths pass through in arpeggiated steps with LFO on top. Male vocals act like a reverberating stab until interrupted by the pleading of a softer woman counterpart. The fourth track, “Trying To Say,” is the most surreal effort on the release with high pitched tremolo sci-fi drones, crunchy rhythmic sounds, and a subby kick that trods through the head space. Finally, Nylon Trax’s own Jaymz Nylon revisits “Walking In The Rain,” tastefully adding a horn to the forefront and a soft, deep spoken vocal looped into whispers for his typically evocative treatment.

Q-Burns Abstract Message - “This EP is fantastic … very expressive sounds here. ‘Trying To Say’ is the gem of the bunch for me … it’s one of those tracks that shouldn’t really work, but it totally does.”
Satoshi Fumi - “‘Walking In The Rain’ … atmospheric!”
Alexi Delano - “Very nice!”
Henri Kohn (Conya / Clubstar) - “Sir Jaymz Nylon does his magic on the remix … nice!”
Claudio Coccoluto - “Great music!”
Thomas Pudell (Black Alley) - “Four cuts of great deep, soulful bliss with label honcho Jaymz Nylon taking his version into Kerri Chandler territory … nice!”
Lorenzo al Dino (7th District) - “Perfect package of mixes!”
Werner Niedermeier (WiN Recordings) - “Brilliant soulful release. Originals and remix likewise. ‘We Can Talk’ is killing it!”
Al Bradley (3am Recordings) - “Nice vibes right across the release here. ‘Walking In The Rain’ is the pick here, really sultry grooves … plus ‘Trying To Say’ also very smart!”
Joey Silvero (Distant People) - “‘Midnight Drive’ … such an atmosphere. Fantastic work!”
Aja Allsop (Ketch A Vibe Radio Show) - “Stunning grooves!”
Jeannie Hopper (Liquid Sound Lounge) - “What a unique journey.”
Michael Fossati (Spirit Of House) - “What a luxurious remix by Jaymz Nylon … deep, melodious, and sexy … infectious.”
DJ Nova (Rodon FM, Greece) - “One of the most impressive releases of the year … outstanding!”

Available now from Beatport.