Halfscissors - Train Station (Cold Busted)

The Cold Busted label’s latest discovery is the mysterious Ukrainian producer Halfscissors who offers the fascinating debut Train Station EP. Characterized by crunchy downtempo beats, cinematic sound textures, and ominous melodies, the work of Halfscissors wouldn’t be out of place on a mix tape alongside early DJ Shadow or the recent output of the Ghostly label. The EP includes the evocative “Snow,” eerily creating a sonic interpretation of trudging through an icy wilderness, followed by the dusty, swinging vinyl beats and ringing tones of “Celebration Of A New Day.” “Lenoux” raises the tempo a bit for a subdued breakbeat expedition still filled with Halfscissors’ distinctive atmospheres. A sneaky chase through a futuristic “Train Station” is soundtracked by the EP’s title song, rolling out some impressive rhythms over a building arrangement. The EP closes with the curiously titled “Sweet Uzh People,” busting out one of the more potent, insistent beats of the release as layers of dark pads and percussion play on top before revealing an almost reassuring conclusion.

DJ Moneyshot (Ninja Tune, Solid Steel) - “Moody beats for that ass. Good work, yo.”
Kid Loco - “Cool stuff and great beats.”
Tim “Love” Lee (Tummy Touch) - “Nice!”
Q-Burns Abstract Message - “I’m really into this release … there’s an attention to detail, mood, + atmospherics that’s very appealing. A swell headtrip.”
All Good Funk Alliance - “Great for those late night sessions.”
Ed Royal (Innvision-Records) - “‘Sweet Uzh People’ is my thing and love the beat. Dope.”
Igor Marijuan (ibiza Sonica FM) - “Lovely release.”
Shantisan (Salted Soul) - Really deep with dope beats … cool.“
Raul Campos (KCRW, Los Angeles) - ”This is so good!“
Myxzlplix (Hands On Recordings) - ”Nice selections here, breathing life into the downtempo genre.“
Dr. Best (Radio Z, Germany) - ”I’m loving the bitter-sweet atmosphere of these tunes. Nice!“
Deadbeat Disco Radio Show - ”Sumptuous grooves all the way here … great work.“
Niksa Dragolin (Eurostar Radio, Croatia) - ”Dark solitude with nice atmospheric chops.”

Available now from Beatport.