Giovanni Damico - Get In The Spirit (Fresh Meat)

Up next on Fresh Meat are three tracks by Italian producer and DJ Giovanni Damico from White Rabbit Recordings.  We have been big fans of Damico since releasing his When It Was Fresh EP on Fresh Meat last year.  Damico’s tracks are unrefined, stripped-back and funky.  His way of working and aesthetic harken back to the golden era early-90s house productions, but his sound is far from retro.  All three tracks featured here are produced in Damico’s playful and intoxicating style.

The EP opener, “Get In The Spirit,” literally commands the dancer to do just that.  An elemental groove provides the backbone for the earthy vocals on this jam.  The second track, “Fanu Bob,” incorporates short melodic samples cycling back and forth between various instrumental refrains and vocal passages.  The EP closes with “Dirty Disc,” a thick bass and drum workout using beautifully timed sparse melodies and psychedelic elements.

Marques Wyatt - “Tight groove on ‘Dirty Disc!’”
Danny Tenaglia - “‘Fanu Bob’ 4/5 … thanks!”
Tony Humphries - “As usual quality deep tracks! Slammin’.”
Brett Johnson - “‘Fanu Bob’ is deep and twisted, will play for sure.”
Giom - “‘Dirty Disc’ … Nicely done!”
D’Julz - “Nice EP! ‘Fanu Bob’ and ‘Dirty Disc’ in the box.”
Mike Monday - “Love both ‘Get In The Spirit’ and ‘Dirty Disc.’ Back behind the decks with a residency after 18 months off all music - and I’m very happy to have received this as a welcome back present.”
Luke Solomon - “Mad. Love this.”
Rocco - “Nice deep vibe and nice vocal.”
Florian Kruse - “Funky as hell! Really liking all three tunes here. My fave is ‘Fanu Bob!’”
Deepchild - “Wonderful stuff - original, organic and more than a little special!”
Murray Richardson - “Great EP from Giovanni, proper house moves…love the ‘Fanu Bob’ track especially!”
Catz n Dogz - “Nice dubby stuff for the beginning of the set.”
Stuart Patterson - “Lovin’ this. Takes me back but still sounds fresh.”
Joshua Iz - “I’m all over this!”

Available now from Beatport