JP Soul - Backsliding (Roam Recordings)

Roam Recordings is a beloved San Francisco imprint now entering the digital age with gusto. The label was started in 2001 by bay area DJs JP Soul and Chad Mitchell, not only releasing the founders’ material but as fine records by the likes of Justin Martin & Sammy D, Demarkus Lewis, Rhythm Plate, and Lance DeSardi. The label returns a little over a decade from its inception with a fantastic trio of west coast style house tracks from JP Soul. It’s led by the slinky “Backsliding" which is sure to thrill dance floors with its solid quirky synth lines, call and response chants, and huge stereo field. "Freespin" follows this with a dubby slow motion house jam, pulsing with swimming chords and electric melody. A perfect cut to greet the sunrise and smooth out the morning. Finally, "Evil Outing" brings us to somewhat darker tech-house fare, but with a healthy amount of bounce and percussive energy. As an added bonus, there’s a remix of "Backsliding" from everyone’s favorite imprisoned wizard Q-Burns Abstract Message, trading on live-sounding house beats, backwards synth pads, spiraling synth swirls, and juicy cowbell rhythms. These four cuts welcome Roam Recordings back into the fold in style … stay tuned for future releases as well as reissues of the label’s impressive back catalog.

Alland Byallo - “Roam is back! Nice EP from JP Soul.”
Nick Warren - “Brilliant originals and an ace remix as well.”
Gavin Hardkiss (Hawke) - “Both the original of backsliding and the Q-BAM mix are great.”
Ali Herron (OOFT!) - “Liking the mid-tempo strut of ‘Freespin.’
Giom - “The production of the Q-Burns Abstract Message mix is amazing! Thanks for this.”
Hardway Bros - “Monstrously large. I love the Dave Clarke meets the funk vibes. I will smash this over the summer.”
Psychemagik - “Love this single. The Q-Burns Abstract Message mix is the one for me. I love the tight disco drums along with the nice and raw production. The original mix is also slamming.”
Ant Plate (Rhythm Plate / YSE) - “Nice to see Roam back in the game! Loving this release.”
Brett Johnson (Bang The Box) - “Big and floppy! I’ll play this.”
Chrissy Murderbot - “I really love some elements of this, specifically the drum programming on ‘Backsliding’ and ‘Freespin.’ and the way ‘Backsliding’ drops out for the old school rave noises.”
DJ Rocca (Ajello) - “Love the dubby dope Q-Burns AM remix!”
Nikola Baytala - “There’s some killer acid-tech happening in ‘Evil Outing,’ like circa ‘92.”
Will SumSuch (Urban Torque / Seven Music) - “The Q-BAM remix is my pick. It’s soaringly beautiful whilst retaining some dance floor punch. ‘Freespin’ is lovely, too!”

Additional support from Claude Von Stroke, Chris Fortier, Luciano, Atnarko, DJ T., Dr. Dunks, Sleazy McQueen, Makossa & Megablast, Johnwaynes, Moodymanc, Bonar Bradberry, Matt Star, Three, Orde Meikle (Slam), diskJokke, Joshua Heath, and Ivan Smagghe.

Available now form Juno Download and Beatport.