Gurhan - Between Us Remixes (Deep House Proposal)

Deep House Proposal, a new house music imprint from Istanbul conceived by DJs Berk Doan and Baris Bergiten, is proud to present the label’s second single, remixes of “Between Us" originally by up-and-coming DJ/producer Gurhan. Gurhan’s Between Us EP was Deep House Proposal’s inaugural release and its confident, lush sound quickly gained support from the likes of Giom, Asad Rizvi, Nick Holder, Atnarko, and Scott Hardkiss. To celebrate the single’s success Deep House Proposal decided to follow it with a bang … thus this newest issue contains top shelf remixes from two house music giants: Terry Lee Brown, Jr. and Subsky.

Everything came together full circle as Deep House Proposal manager Berk Doan remembers being fascinated by the classic Terry Lee Brown Jr. Chocolate Chords vinyl album that Subsky introduced to him. Initially intrigued by the artist’s now well-known logo on the cover, the music within turned Berk and Subsky into instant fans. Subsky, who is a recognized pioneer of Istanbul’s house music scene eventually had a track chosen by Brown Jr. for an installment of the Terry’s Cafe compilation series. To have the pair remixing for Berk’s Deep House Proposal label seemed inevitable.

The two producers present very different versions of Gurhan’s “Between Us.” Terry Lee Brown Jr. provides a mix with a throbbing, remote drive and warm pads that approach like watery waves. Percussion hits, reverb washes, and breathy accents add to the track’s late night appeal. Subsky’s remix begins with an ominous, low-end groove that patiently and effectively builds over the span of the track. Filtered synth hits powder the rhythm as a hypnotic house music shuffle leads the way to the dance floor. These two mixes are deep house with a purpose, masterful reworks from adepts of the genre. It’s a shining moment brought to you by Deep House Proposal, with many more to follow.

Christian Martin - “Terry Lee Brown Jr. always kills it. Love this!”
Pezzner - “Terry Lee Brown Jr. is in excellent form on this release … as usual. I am digging the Subsky Remix as well. A+”
Three - “Both versions are super-strong.”
Joshua Iz - “Terry Lee Brown Jr. come with the deepness, as usual.”
Manuel Sahagun - “Both remixes are intense! Deep, fat, and big room friendly.”
Deepchild - “Proper, deep, and lovely. All very on-point.”
Will SumSuch (UrbanTorque) - “Really digging both remixes, but the Subsky version just edges it for me. Wonderful, atmospheric deep house.”
Mr. Jones (Disclosure Project) - “Terry Lee Brown Jr.’s remix is a nice dubby affair and gets deeper in the back half. Good remix.”
Michael Fossati (Spirit Of House) - “Two ingenious remixes of this great deep house tune.”
Sandro Bianchi (Ibiza Sonica) - “Straight 2 my bag 2 rip the dancefloor!”
Al Bradley (Audiotonic / 3am Recordings) - “Wow! Both mixes here are simply stunning - no surprise really, both Terry & Subsky both consistently proving their credentials all the time. Deep, techy, bass-heavy & wicked on both cuts.”

Also supported by Luciano, Alexi Delano, Inland Knights, DJ Schwa (Shades Of Gray), Hipp-e, Satoshi Fumi, Robert Owens, Nick Holder, Omid 16B, Nico De Ceglia, Murray Richardson, Da Funk, Merlyn Martin, and DJ Linus.

Available now from Beatport.