Cure-Shot - That Body EP (Deep House Proposal)

Deep House Proposal is honored to present the That Body EP from Cure-Shot, a legendary DJ pioneer of the Istanbul house music scene. Cure-Shot, AKA Kursat Gencel, started playing techno and house music in Istanbul in 1990 with his brother Tangun, and proceeded to hold down residencies at a series of legendary clubs through the years. He can certainly be considered part of Istanbul’s ‘first generation house DJs,’ and the current, vibrant scene looks to him as a trail-blazer who is still setting musical trends. Deep House Proposal’s label manager Berk Doan remembers regularly sneaking into clubs at the age of 17 to hear Cure-Shot play and would have never believed that now, thirteen years later, his label would be responsible for the DJ’s latest release.

This latest EP opens with “That Body,” a bouncy deep house number that slinks and shakes with bonafide late night appeal. Layers of atmosphere and sonic flourishes abound, as male and female vocal snippets pop in and out of the mix like midnight transmissions. This strong track earns a trio of remix treatments with the first courtesy of renowned Berlin producer Sasse (Moodmusic). Sasse adds a pulsating rhythm and mesmerizing chords that swell and fall through the track’s build. The breakdown introduces some lovely melodic elements that put the icing on the sonic cake. The next version of “That Body” comes from Alex Arnout (Dogmatik Records, Turquoise Blue) who uses a drum machine pattern, an echoing treatment of the vocal snippet, and scintillating synth pads to create an evocative aural soundscape. Deep House Proposal’s own Berk Doan is on hand for the third remix, taking things into an even deeper, after hours realm. Subtly buzzing key lines, a solid sub bass, and swirling tones all find places within the wide, expressive space that Berk creates in his production.

Closing out the EP is a bonus track from Cure-Shot, the appropriately titled “Deeper Dreams. The solid, rolling low end with sparkles of processed sound overhead seems to be Cure-Shot’s technique, creating a suggestive deep house ambience that should gratify the true ‘heads’ filling the dance floor. A pensive spoken female vocal phrase and lush splashes of reverb help make “Deeper Dreams” a classic house music effort, further branding the EP as a premium grade release. With Cure-Shot on board, Deep House Proposal continues to impress … there’s much more to come from the heart of Istanbul and out of your speakers.

Tom Findlay (Groove Armada, Lovebox) - “I really love this. It’s got loads of funk and an excellent choice of remixers, too. Yes yes!”
Nick Warren - “The original and the Berk Doan remix are both excellent.”
Claude Monnet - “Alex Arnout made the job as usual. Nice one!”
Tensnake - “A beautiful deep house pack. I’m loving the Sasse remix and the originals.”
Jay West - “The Sasse and Alex Arnout mixes are both class!”
Lars Behrenroth (Deeper Shades Of House) - “Berk Doan’s remix is nice. I like the original, too.”
DJ Rocca (Ajello) - “Nice release and great remixes.”
Justin Harris (Freaks) - “Sasse’s remix is dope! Strong EP.”
Soul Minority - “Nice EP. The Alex Arnout remix is the one for me here.”
Shane Johnson (Fish Go Deep) - “Solid release. Sasse and Berk Doan remixes both standing out.”
Craig Stewart (DCSTrax) - “I’m feeling the original jam for the floor … great work!”
Al Bradley (3am Recordings) - “Great release. It’s a very tough call between the original ‘Deeper Dreams’ or the Sasse/Alex Arnout remixes of ‘That Body.’ Sasse just shades it (ever so slightly!) but a cracker of a release overall.”
Richie Hartness (untitled music) - “The Sasse remix certainly grabbed me!”
Bobi (Global Movement Radio Show) - “Wicked release full of dirty electronic stabs, pads, and tight drums. A perfect deep house EP.”
Phil Watkins (Kiss FM, Melbourne) - “Love the Sasse remix. The original has a place as well. The Alex Arnout remix is definitely in my deeper sets along with ‘Deeper Dreams.’ Great release.”
DJ Nova (Rodon FM, Greece) - “The original is a percussive late night weapon!”

Available now from Juno Download and Beatport.

Tufan Demir - Making Bounces EP (Deep House Proposal)

Following the huge response to Gurhan’s “Between Us” single and its subsequent remixes by Terry Lee Brown Jr. and Subsky, Istanbul label Deep House Proposal follows up with another stellar single focusing on impressive Turkish house music talent. Tufan Demir is an Istanbul-based DJ and producer who records under many names (such as Beto Narme or Science Frontiers) but saves the deep house and disco moods for his given moniker. Turfan has reached outside of Turkey with appearances at the Sonar and c/o Pop festivals and releases on labels like Sublime Porte, Vesvese, and Lust Und Freude.

Tufan Demir’s Deep House Proposal debut features three lush and sweeping deep house tracks, led by the groovy “Making Bounces.” A warm pad and repeating vocal line both build elegantly into a house-meets-breakbeat rhythm and a deliciously funky bass line. This cut’s a prime mover, appealing at once to fans of deep house, techno, and jazzy broken beat fare. Next up is “More Feedback,” a driving track more specifically aimed towards the underground nightclub. Layers of pads, synth lines, and percussion interact with a flowing complexity as a repeated female vocal drop provides the rhythmic base. Turfan supplies two versions, the building, hypnotic original and a more drum-focused Club Mix. Tufan Demir’s third cut here is the swirling, deep “Midweek Groove.” This one mixes old school house music elements with a contemporary production sheen as subdued electric piano chords, a skippy four-on-the-floor, and a soulful vocal all point the way to the dance floor.

In addition to these fine tracks, Deep House Proposal has also commissioned a remix of “Making Bounces” from another Istanbul producer, Sarp Yilmaz. Sarp has been rising fast on the scene, with an album on Apparel Music, Osunlade giving him props in an interview with the Guardian, and Maya Jane Coles dropping his tracks on Pete Tong’s Essential Selection. Sarp’s remix of “Making Bounces” doesn’t stray far from Tufan Demir’s general vibe, but, in fact, expands on it a bit. A snappy drum kit provides the groove as a rollicking piano line evolves into an expressive lead. The growling low end, dubbed out vocal bits, and atmospheric strings add to the deepness, making for a potential future classic. As Deep House Proposal continues making discoveries like these be sure to pay close attention … there’s more on the way.

Nick Warren - “Great EP … lovely deep house.” Giom (Lost My Dog) - “Nicely done.”
Diz (Vizual / Classic) - “Hotness for the early evening!”
Orde Meikle (Slam) - “Cool EP … I’ll be spinning.”
Demarkus Lewis - “Proper deepness!”
Soul Minority - “Nice, groovy vibe here.”
DJ Schwa (Shades Of Gray) - “The Sarp Yilmaz remix rocks.”
Justin Harris (Freaks) - “Great EP.”
Spettro - “Very good deepness here. Really into both ‘Making Bounces’ and ‘More Feedback.’ Excellente!”
Vincent Kwok - “Some great, deep tech house tracks here.”
Shane Johnson (Fish Go Deep) - “Solid grooves all round with the slightly crazed Sarp Yilmaz remix standing out.”
Al Bradley (3am Recordings) - “Wicked work again on DHP. ‘More Feedback’ is the one for me … top vibes and a great deep, percussive combo. Sarp Yilmaz again turns out a wicked remix to add to the overall great feel of this release.”
Michael Fossati (Spirit Of House blog) - “‘Midweek groove’ is the one for me … groovy rhythms and wicked lush melodies.”
Justin Wilkes (Kiss 100 FM) - “This will take a place of pride in my poolside box.”
CheckPoint Charlie (MyCuppaT blog) - “‘More Feedback’ is an absolute gem! Dark, moody, layer upon layer of amazing instrumentation … awesome.”

Also supported by Luciano, DJ T., Alexi Delano, Inland Knights, Thugfucker, Omid 16B, Tyree Cooper, Tommy Largo, Matt Star, Pete Moss, and Manuel Sahagun.

Available now from Beatport and Stompy.

Gurhan - Between Us Remixes (Deep House Proposal)

Deep House Proposal, a new house music imprint from Istanbul conceived by DJs Berk Doan and Baris Bergiten, is proud to present the label’s second single, remixes of “Between Us" originally by up-and-coming DJ/producer Gurhan. Gurhan’s Between Us EP was Deep House Proposal’s inaugural release and its confident, lush sound quickly gained support from the likes of Giom, Asad Rizvi, Nick Holder, Atnarko, and Scott Hardkiss. To celebrate the single’s success Deep House Proposal decided to follow it with a bang … thus this newest issue contains top shelf remixes from two house music giants: Terry Lee Brown, Jr. and Subsky.

Everything came together full circle as Deep House Proposal manager Berk Doan remembers being fascinated by the classic Terry Lee Brown Jr. Chocolate Chords vinyl album that Subsky introduced to him. Initially intrigued by the artist’s now well-known logo on the cover, the music within turned Berk and Subsky into instant fans. Subsky, who is a recognized pioneer of Istanbul’s house music scene eventually had a track chosen by Brown Jr. for an installment of the Terry’s Cafe compilation series. To have the pair remixing for Berk’s Deep House Proposal label seemed inevitable.

The two producers present very different versions of Gurhan’s “Between Us.” Terry Lee Brown Jr. provides a mix with a throbbing, remote drive and warm pads that approach like watery waves. Percussion hits, reverb washes, and breathy accents add to the track’s late night appeal. Subsky’s remix begins with an ominous, low-end groove that patiently and effectively builds over the span of the track. Filtered synth hits powder the rhythm as a hypnotic house music shuffle leads the way to the dance floor. These two mixes are deep house with a purpose, masterful reworks from adepts of the genre. It’s a shining moment brought to you by Deep House Proposal, with many more to follow.

Christian Martin - “Terry Lee Brown Jr. always kills it. Love this!”
Pezzner - “Terry Lee Brown Jr. is in excellent form on this release … as usual. I am digging the Subsky Remix as well. A+”
Three - “Both versions are super-strong.”
Joshua Iz - “Terry Lee Brown Jr. come with the deepness, as usual.”
Manuel Sahagun - “Both remixes are intense! Deep, fat, and big room friendly.”
Deepchild - “Proper, deep, and lovely. All very on-point.”
Will SumSuch (UrbanTorque) - “Really digging both remixes, but the Subsky version just edges it for me. Wonderful, atmospheric deep house.”
Mr. Jones (Disclosure Project) - “Terry Lee Brown Jr.’s remix is a nice dubby affair and gets deeper in the back half. Good remix.”
Michael Fossati (Spirit Of House) - “Two ingenious remixes of this great deep house tune.”
Sandro Bianchi (Ibiza Sonica) - “Straight 2 my bag 2 rip the dancefloor!”
Al Bradley (Audiotonic / 3am Recordings) - “Wow! Both mixes here are simply stunning - no surprise really, both Terry & Subsky both consistently proving their credentials all the time. Deep, techy, bass-heavy & wicked on both cuts.”

Also supported by Luciano, Alexi Delano, Inland Knights, DJ Schwa (Shades Of Gray), Hipp-e, Satoshi Fumi, Robert Owens, Nick Holder, Omid 16B, Nico De Ceglia, Murray Richardson, Da Funk, Merlyn Martin, and DJ Linus.

Available now from Beatport.