Jeremias Santiago & Dru Tiz Feat. NR3 - I Am Your Vitamin (Sugar Groove)

The newly launched Sugar Groove label, the brainchild of Swift of DJN Project, jumps forward with their fourth release, the stately and soulful house music track “I Am Your Vitamin.” This three way collaboration of Jeremias Santiago, Dru Tiz, and spoken word artist NR3 makes for an emotive journey, with “I Am Your Vitamin” simultaneously pulling at the head, the heart, and the feet. NR3, who has supplied past vocals for tracks by the likes of Scott Woniak and Nef Nunez, gives a stirring lyrical statement about the nature of love over some club-primed grooves throughout four versions. The first mix is helmed by Jeremias Santiago under his FTL moniker. Jeremias is known for his collaborations with Jellybean Benitez and his extended discography for Next Dimension, Jellybean Soul, Hubert Street, and his own FTL imprint. In the FTL Original version, a snappy snare commands with a staccato rhythm while a soothing organ and some funky synth leads play on top. At first listen one can almost see the sweaty basement party meant for this track. Next up is Orlando, Florida’s house music maestro Juan Sanchez who has appeared with DJN Project before, and has many future releases planned for Sugar Groove. Juan takes things a bit deeper with pulsating key pads, a subdued but driving four-on-the-floor, and a dubby, late night vibe. Dru Tiz next takes the reins of the GFI Minimal Mix which features a marching house music beat, some loose musical elements, and an emphasis on NR3’s vocal track. Dru’s version will be especially tasty for DJs to mix with. Finally, Swift of DJN Project and Slikk Tim offer the Sugar Breaks Remix which goes for a slinky and jazzy breakbeat feel. The layers of synths and key pads build with the vocal, leading the dancer to sonic heights as the tune unfolds.

Roger Sanchez - “DEEP.”
Ashley Beedle - “Loving the FTL Original and Sugar Breaks mixes, Killer production!”
Davidson Ospina - “Juan Sanchez Remix for me! Deep with great energy.”
Marques Wyatt - “Dope!”
Evan Landes (Groove Junkies) - “Nice spoken word and a cool set of mixes.”
Joey Silvero (Distant People) - “Driving sound with a jazzy feel. The FTL mix is my favorite but the Sugar Breaks Remix has a great summer feel. Reminds me of ibiza.”
Nick Moss (Groove Assassin) - “I’ll slam this one … hot!”
Christos Kedras - “Nice package, the vocal is really great!”
Spiritual Blessings - “Lovely one. Jeremias Santiago does a style we love.”
Rick Preston - “The Juan Sanchez remix is fire!”
Dr. Bob Jones - “Great production on all the mixes, but Sugar Breaks Remix just has the edge. Full support.”

Also supported by Grant Nelson, Robert Owens, DJ Memê, Doc Link, Nick Holder, Daz-I-Kue, Alex Dimitri South Soul, and DJ Eman.

Available from Juno Download and Beatport.