[sic] '...Hello?' (mu-sic)

mu-sic is the new venture of Bristol-based DJ and Producer [sic] (aka Dan Jeffries). And what better way to launch a new label than with the bouncy box of tech-house fun called '…Hello?'.

[sic] has been producing tech-house and minimal techno for some time now and with great results. After life affirming surgery to remove a brain tumor, [sic] decided to move away from drum ‘n’ bass and explore his love of tech-house, reminiscent of stateside cuts he had collected in the mid-90s. Acknowledgement of [sic] was succinct with signings to Aux Technology, Slime and Re:Sound. ‘Chomp’ - Slime’s first release - hit the Number 1 spot on the Juno download charts. The [sic] remix of Sloppy 5ths ‘1987’ reached Number 1 on the TrackitDown charts and stayed in the Top 10 for over 3 months.

‘…Hello?’ has a wickedly catchy hook and crafts a bouncing bass line, great vocal sample and crisp, punchy drums. It makes an awesome set starter too, with its loud gong announcing the arrival of something a bit special. Those of you who have heard [sic]’s previous releases will not be surprised to come across a track that injects some humour on to the dance floor. ‘…Hello?’ has ‘party minimal' written over it.

Hans Tavera (Afterhours, Peru) - “Hello? Yeah? This is the bomb!”
DK Watts (Short Bus Kids) - “A killer track primed for the main hour.”
Bobi (Global Movement) - “Cool groover! I will be spinning this …”
Velanche (Urban Landscapes) - “A good builder track that’s catchy and groovy.”
Brian Cheetham (Global Dance Sessions) - “Strong stuff.”
Pointbender (Harmonious Discord) - “Fun, pumping tech-house tune.”
Alien Tom (Native Alien) - “Had me right off the conga intro. Snappy beats and bang, you are in!”
QuestionmarQ (Red FM, Dublin) - “Quirky yet groovy. i can see it working on a big system.”

Available now from Juno Download.